Yellowjackets Season 2 Episode 8: Ending Of The Episode Explained In Detail

The eagerly anticipated second season of the thrilling and enigmatic drama series Yellowjackets has finally arrived. It immerses viewers once more in the perilous and frightening world of the soccer players who have survived and are still in need of survival. After the first season’s startling conclusion, the atrocities get worse, the stakes go up, and the mysteries get murkier.

As they strive to determine what transpired following their terrifying plane crash in the middle of nowhere, the Yellowjackets are forced to confront their haunting pasts, worst fears, and the unforgiving wilderness. Get ready for an exciting second season that will have you wishing for more.

Explained Ending For Yellowjackets Season 2 Episode 8

The malnourished soccer team in Yellowjackets‘ second season’s penultimate episode goes to extraordinary lengths to obtain food. The hungry survivors hunt one of their own for the first time in episode eight, “It Chooses,” possibly reenacting the horrifying hunt seen in the pilot’s opening sequence.

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Lottie (Sophie Nélisse), who is in serious condition when the episode begins, allows Shauna (Sophie Nélisse) to violently beat her in order to help her deal with her grief over the loss of her child. The line separating the natural and otherworldly worlds becomes more hazy as the hunger grows. Throughout the episode, numerous characters experience hallucinations or visions, depending on your perspective.

All of the events in episode 8:

After an hour, they choose to execute one of their own to secure everyone’s survival and Lottie’s safety. To determine who will p*rish, they play a game of Russian roulette with a deck of cards: whoever draws the queen of hearts will p*rish. The unfortunate loser of the game, Natalie (Sophie Thatcher), first accepts her fate and lets Shauna adorn her with Jackie’s heart necklace.

Yellowjackets Season 2 Episode 8

Just before Shauna is about to slit her throat, Natalie turns around and commands her to look her in the eye. At that point, Travis (Kevin Alves) springs into action, knocking Natalie running while tackling Shauna to the ground.

Before being rescued by Javi (Luciano Leroux), who tries to lead Nat over the frozen lake to safety, she is pursued as she rushes through the woods. But Javi manages to break through the ice, and despite Natalie’s initial attempts to save him, Misty (Samantha Hanratty), who threatens to k!ll her if Javi survives, eventually pushes Natalie away.

Javi struggles in the water while they watch and wait for him to drown before saving him. The woods, according to Van (Liv Hewson), made the final decision. Javi, who was missing for the majority of season 2 before suddenly reappearing, was m*rdered, according to co-showrunner Jonathan Lisco, who told TIME that they did it to leave fans wondering what was going on.

What better way to test both side’s ideas, he asks, “than when you have people believing in something that they think is supernatural, phenomenological, or religious, and others who think things are just random.” Is it the wildness that is stealing it from them?

Is it possible that Javi was sincerely trying to help Natalie, who was “chosen” to be k!lled and eaten, but in the process of doing so, his goodness produced an energetic environment that forced him to suffer and perish?

It is unlikely that this season’s last episode will reveal the full truth about the wilderness. It’s clear that the adult Yellowjacket survivors still believe that they were subject to some supernatural force when they were trapped, despite the fact that this belief hasn’t stopped them from feeling bad about their deeds. According to Lisco, the loss of Javi has had a lasting impression on everyone, but notably Natalie and Travis.

“They were never really able to unravel exactly how to relate with one another since they both felt awfully horrible about Javi. Their relationship was incredibly dysfunctional, rife with dysfunction and addiction, he said. “They were staying together, on and off, to, in some ways, keep what was good about their relationship in the past alive, but in many ways, they were also honoring Javi.”

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