15 Anime Heroes Who Were Badly Written

One of the toughest and most impressive groups of television characters are anime heroes. They often start out in poverty, but their perseverance and unwavering resolve enable them to surpass their objectives. Numerous amazing anime heroes exist, but not all of them possess the same brilliance.

Some anime characters lack depth or have excessive strength. The lack of either progress or repercussions makes the shows dull. There are no stakes to keep viewers interested when they always know that the heroes will be okay. Other well-written heroes have more vigor and interest than these anime heroes do.

15 Anime Heroes Who Were Badly Written

15.Haruka Nanase (Free!)

In Free!, Haruka Nanase belongs to the Iwatobi Swim Club. The best swimmer in the club, Haru devotes so much mental energy to “swimming free” that it interferes with his personal life.

In order to obtain complete freedom, Haru not only drives his pals away but also immerses himself in whatever body of water he comes across. A sporting goods store’s aquarium exhibit is an example of this. Haru’s narrow focus and disrespect for decency make him a badly written anime hero.

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14. Sailor Moon’s Usagi Tsukino

In the Sailor Moon anime, Usagi Tsukino plays Sailor Moon, the oath-bound guardian of Earth. Usagi cries easily despite her lofty rank and frequently plays with other people to get her way.

Usagi is a frustrating protagonist due to her frequent whining propensity. Even though she is young, it is difficult to support a hero who is continually griping about the smallest problems. Until the decisive blow must be delivered, Usagi also offers little assistance in warfare.

13. Tanjiro Kamado, aka the Demon Slayer

A young man named Tanjiro Kamado is on a mission to kill Muzan Kibtusuji, the ruler of the demons. Tanjiro defeats both his recently demonized sister, Nezuko, and the Water Hashira, Giyu Tomioka, despite only being 15 at the time of the attack and lacking any training. Furthermore, Tanjiro’s demon-slaying adventure has only just begun, thus it is a bit of a stretch for him to survive against former and present Lower Moons of the Kizuki.

It seems sense since Tanjiro is the main character, and fans are supposed to support him, but he often succeeds in seemingly impossible circumstances. Even after Gyutaro devastated him in the Entertainment District arc of Demon Slayer, he survives. While other characters also have the “untouchable” issue, Tanjiro stands out because of his many absurd accomplishments.

12. My Hero Academia’s Izuku Midoriya

Izuku Midoriya, like many heroes of today, starts out on his path as a nobody before going from zero to hero. In a brief montage from the first season, he is shown practicing for the University of Arizona and having trouble with smaller doses of One For All. After that, Izuku only has to worry about utilizing all of his time and energy to battle rivals in My Hero Academia.

11. Rossiu from Gurren Lagann

Rossiu left his religious community to ensure the safety of the populace as a whole and set out on his Gurren Lagann trip. After his death, he joins Kamina and Simon and even assumes control of Gurren for Kamina.

After the time jump, Rossiu completely changes how he behaves. He was finally beginning to open up as a teenager, but as an adult, he grew severe. Rossiu plots a coup against Simon’s intentions, but the operation ultimately fails. Rossiu goes to his former hamlet and makes an attempt at suicide since he is so embarrassed of his behavior. Simon successfully stops him, but it seems like a stretch for Rossiu to go from being an admired hero to an evil politician.

10. JoJo’s Bizarre Adventure’s Jonathan Joestar

In JoJo’s Bizarre Adventure, Jonathan Joestar is the first member of his family to take on DIO Brando. Jonathan is a kind and honorable hero, but he lacks the charisma and strength of his progeny. Jonathan too gives too much of himself away to stop DIO.

It looks more like a plot device to startle viewers when DIO resurrects himself than something Jonathan would truly do when he makes such a significant error in estimating DIO’s abilities. Jonathan was the first Joestar and the first Hamon-user, thus many anticipated much more from him.

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9. Shinji Ikari of the anime Neon Genesis Evangelion

One of the three Eva pilots from Neon Genesis Evangelion is Shinji Ikari. Shinji succumbs to the pressure, despite the danger involved in their goal to defeat angels. He complains about his job nonstop, and his cowardice quickly turns into spinelessness out of dread.

Shinji leans into his fear instead of trying to swallow it like most anime heroes would. Although reasonable, Shinji’s lack of daring is annoying to hear about in every episode. Additionally, it is boring to witness these traits in a primary character.

8. Shirou Emiya (Fate Stay/Night: Unlimited Bladeworks)

In the Fate universe, Shirou Emiya is the only one with the technopathic powers and the utmost loyalty. He does, however, frequently make absurd choices that put Saber and others in risk.

When Shirou uses his final command seal to stop Saber and she is impaled, it is one of his worst errors. Shirou’s impulsiveness frequently gets him into difficulties, even though everything works out OK. Additionally, many fans find his and Archer’s relationship in Unlimited Bladeworks to be complicated. Shirou has the makings of a valiant warrior, yet he never quite measures up to Saber’s example of bravery.

7. Tokyo Revengers’ Takemichi Hanagaki

In Tokyo Revengers, Takemichi Hanagaki is an unhappy adult until he unintentionally travels back in time to his middle-school youth. He ultimately realizes that he is there to prevent the murder of Hinata Tachibana, his former girlfriend, in the future. Takemichi excitedly accepts the position and shifts back and forth in time frequently.

6. Black Star (Soul Eater)

From Soul Eater, Black Star is a brash Meister. A conventional hero is not Black Star. He is highly impetuous and allows his ego to run wild. Black Star’s actions are so impulsive that his friends worry about the safety of his Weapon, Tsubaki.

In addition to being annoying, Black Star’s self-adulation prevents any potential for character growth. Fans seldom notice Black Star’s talents improving by the end of the series because he was already a self-assured warrior. He was considerably less relatable because he didn’t have any insecurities.

5. Shinra Kusakabe of Fire Force

Shinra Kusakabe, a newly minted Fire Soldier in Fire Force, has brilliant eyes. He wants to locate his brother Sho and stop the enigmatic Evangelist.

Although Shinra’s mission seems like a valiant endeavor, not much actually happens over time. Sho is located by Shinra, but she is unable to persuade him to defect from the White Clad. Additionally, every scene that Shinra and his colleague soldier Arthur Boyle are in is tiresome due to their constant fighting. Shinra melts into the background since there are so many other, more fascinating and potent characters. In a bombastic anime, Shinra does okay as a hero.

4. Shinichi Izumi (The Maxim, Parasyte)

In Parasyte: The Maxim, Shinichi Izumi leads a typical life up until a little monster threatens to take over his body. Shinichi successfully prevents it from consuming his brain, but the creature instead finds a home in his hand and comes to life.

Shinichi is incredibly hesitant to accept the assistance of an alien, like the majority of people. But both he and Migi (the parasite) always run the risk of being discovered. Despite the military chasing down parasites, Shinichi picks confrontations with bullies and involves numerous more defenseless bystanders in his antics. There might not have been as many casualties if Shinichi had been more cautious.

3. Attack on Titan’s Eren Yeager

Over the years, opinions about Eren Yeager have varied. Because of his total personality transformation, many people think he is a terrific character. Some others think the change was too drastic. Nevertheless, many viewers have forgotten Eren’s appearance at the start of Attack on Titan after so many seasons.

Strong plotlines include Eren’s yearning to leave the walls and his reasons for killing Titans. However, there is a sizable period of time after Eren closes the gap in Trost when he does little. He engages Reiner in combat while practicing being a Titan.

But after being apprehended by Rod Reiss, he seems to have lost all of his earlier fervor. He makes few attempts to flee and is merely a shell of the person he once was. Most of his appearances are in his Titan, even after he is free. There is no disputing that Eren did not experience much growth in the course of the novel, regardless of how much people liked his transformation from hero to villain.

2. Sword Art Online’s Kirito

When Sword Art Online originally came out, it became a cultural phenomenon. Fans were enthralled by Kirito’s terrifying story of being imprisoned in a virtual reality video game because of its innovative idea and thrilling sword combat. Particularly noteworthy is Kirito’s ability to dual-wield swords. Unfortunately, the suspension of disbelief is no longer sufficient to explain Kirito’s extraordinary luck.

1. Shu Ouma (Guilty Crown)

As the main character of the anime Guilty Crown, Shu Ouma showed a lot of promise. Shu is a typical adolescent trapped in a dystopian society who unwittingly acquires a superhuman ability. Regrettably, Shu hesitates frequently and employs his Power of the King carelessly.

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