10 Best Anime Powers That Aren’t Worth It

Some of the most incredible and inventive superpowers ever depicted in literature may be found in anime. These talents nearly always had a cost, whether they only slightly boosted their user or transformed them into a physical deity. Some powers required a price that was simply plain outrageous, while others had an appropriately high exchange rate.

Some characters willingly sacrificed some or even all of their humanity in return for often ephemeral power and might, while others were duped into doing so. The fortunate few didn’t survive to see the foolishness of their decisions, and they were nearly never worthwhile. Unfortunately, the remainder survived long enough to see the results of their power.

10 Best Anime Powers That Aren't Worth It

10. Papermaster by Yomiko Readman

One of the most distinctive anime powers belonged to Read or Die’s Papermasters. Paper could be telekinetically manipulated by Papermasters to take on any shape they desired. While some Papermasters built structures, others made paper stacks into weapons. Yomiko was capable of doing this, but at the price of become a bibliomaniac.

Yomiko wasn’t just a reader; she had an actual addiction to reading. Yomiko’s supernatural abilities made her always want to read. In order to read more, she blew a lot of money on books while ignoring basic health and hygiene. Yomiko’s addiction made it hard for her to function in daily life; without British Intelligence’s assistance, she would have perished.

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9. Dabi’s BlueFlame (My Hero Academia)

In My Hero Academia, each quirk has advantages and disadvantages, but Dabi’s BlueFlame is one of the most devastating. Possibly the strongest pyrokinetic in the anime is Dabi. BlueFlames was considerably hotter and more potent than Hellflame from Endeavor. BlueFlame, on the other hand, was so potent that it burned Dabi to death.

Dabi barely made it through, and he was changed forever. More than half of his body was scorched, and it has been established that if he pushed himself too hard, his Quirk’s flames may engulf him. Dabi acknowledged this and now intends to burn himself to death beside his noble father, Endeavor. Dabi was essentially made into a ticking time bomb by BlueFlame.

8. The Dark-Dark Fruit of Blackbeard (One Piece)

One Piece’s many Devil Fruits came at a hefty but otherwise justifiable price: losing the ability to swim. Devil Fruit addicts didn’t mind the trade-off, even though it hurt sailors and pirates because they became superhumans. The exception was Blackbeard, the pirate with the sixth-highest bounty, as his Dark-Dark Fruit made his life more difficult.

Blackbeard was able to control shadows and negate or take other Fruit users’ abilities thanks to the Dark-Dark Fruit. This was a particularly nasty power that also made his anguish more intense. His fruit also prevented him from sleeping and did not physically improve him the way other fruits did. These helped to shape Blackbeard into the scheming, wretched pirate he is today.

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7. Artificial & Natural Vampirization (Hellsing Ultimate)

The overarching message of Hellsing Ultimate was that great supernatural power was not worthwhile. People were given amazing powers, immortality, and endless youth by being a monster like a vampire or werewolf. However, everybody who turned into a monster also abandoned their humanity and damned themselves to an endless solitude.

Only in life-or-death situations, such as battle, and when they brutalized others did the Last Battalion’s lab-created Nazi vampires and even the formidable but doubtful Alucard feel alive. These humans lost all chance of normalcy when they became into all-powerful monsters, which only made them long for death.

6. Chainsaw Man’s The Curse Devil’s Sword

In Chainsaw Man, anyone who made a pact with the devil was essentially bound to misery in both life and death. Theoretically, Aki Hayakawa could use the Curse Devil to slay any foe with just a few sword strokes and sentence them to hell. Each strike cost Aki years of his life, which was the price.

Aki was told he had two years to live after Katana Man was defeated three times with the Curse Devil’s sword. To make matters worse, Katana Man seemed hardly phased by Aki’s assaults. The Curse Devil not only demanded a high fee to rent its abilities, but it was also debatably not worth it given that it was ineffectual.

5. Death Note: A Shinigami’s Death Note

Even the largest Death Note enthusiasts often overlook the hefty cost of the namesake notebook, one of the most well-known fictional weapons ever created. A Death Note’s user would instantly doom themselves to a lifeless existence in Limbo in exchange for a little portion of a Shinigami’s abilities.

The many regulations and advantages of The Death Note came at an equally high cost. As an illustration, employing a Shinigami’s Eyes would cost half of the user’s current lifespan. A user’s humanity was the Death Note’s highest price, as demonstrated by Light Yagami’s fall into mass murder and illusions of divinity.

4. Piloting A Gundam: The Witch from Mercury (Mobile Suit Gundam)

It was never simple to control a powerful Gundam in Mobile Suit Gundam. But even the best pilots could perish in The Witch from Mercury if they did it. Pilots were able to synchronize with their Gundams because to the GUND Format, but doing so put a lot of pressure on their bodies and hurt a lot. It was fatal to reach a high enough Permet Score.

Being genetically altered in the same way as Elan Ceres’ body doubles was the only way to survive. Pilots, with the exception of Suletta Mercury, viewed their abilities as a curse. It was a dreadful trade, as Sophie and Norea demonstrated, to shorten their lives and expose themselves to the horrors of war.

3. Inheriting The Attack Titan (Attack On Titan)

One of the worst things that might happen to anyone in Attack on Titan was becoming a Titan. This held true even for Titan Shifters, who kept their humanity while gaining the abilities of one of the nine Titans. In return, they would pass away 13 years later. The Attack Titan inheritors received the most potent Titan and paid the greatest payment.

The Atrocity Titan was capable of spanning space and time. This gave the holder the power to alter the past in order to alter the future. However, this also meant that they simultaneously felt the suffering of both past and present holders. This enormous power completed Eren Yeager’s journey into evil and made his already challenging life much more arduous.

2. Becoming A Magical Girl (Puella Magi Madoka Magica)

Pokémon Magi With its dark interpretation of a magical girl’s abilities, Madoka Magica rose to fame and even changed the entire magical girl anime. By signing a contract with an Incubator, regular females could transform into magical girls in this location. These girls forfeited their humanity and destiny in exchange for extraordinary abilities and the chance to become the superhero of their dreams.

A magical girl was converted into a hollow shell with her soul hidden inside a gem in order to use their cosmic magic. The magical girls were doomed to become the Witches they fought if given enough time and desperation. Worst of all, because they simply viewed the girls as batteries to be used and discarded, the Incubators failed to inform the girls of this.

1. Becoming The Ultimate Weapon (Saikano)

It seems that transforming the defenseless Chise into a living superweapon was the only way to put an end to the ceaseless battles in Saikano. Chise was the strongest human alive and Japan’s secret weapon. Chise’s power was so overwhelming that she just got stronger over time. Saikano actually ended with her essentially destroying the world.

All of this was pointless because Chise’s life had become a miserable horror. Every waking moment was agonizing for her since she was a weapon, and her mechanical changes made it worse. By the end, Chise had reduced to nothing more than a sentient energy mass that was so consumed by pain that she mercilessly ended the Earth.

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