8 People Were Killed In A Texas Mall Shooting

In a mass shooting on Saturday at a mall north of Dallas, a shooter murdered eight people and injured at least seven others before being shot dead by a police officer who happened to be nearby, according to authorities.

At the Allen Premium Outlets mall in Allen, Texas, the shooters allegedly stepped out of a silver vehicle and began shooting at shoppers.

In the shooting at the outdoor retail center, three individuals suffered critical wounds, and children were reportedly among the wounded, according to witnesses.

A police officer and a mall security guard looked to be comatose on the ground, according to some eyewitnesses.

The incident, which was the most recent instance of gun violence to hit the nation, caused hundreds of consumers to flee in fear.

“(We) discovered seven dead people at the location. Nine people were taken to the hospital by us… Two of the people we transferred have since passed away, according to fire chief Jonathan Boyd. With the death of the shooter, there have now been nine fatalities.

An internet dashcam footage depicted a gunman getting out of a car outside the mall and starting to shoot at pedestrians on the sidewalk. The sound of more than 30 gunfire could be heard as the vehicle that was filming the incident accelerated.

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At 3:36 pm local time, an Allen Police officer was in the neighborhood responding to an unrelated complaint when he heard gunfire, the police department reported on Facebook.

“The policeman confronted the culprit and removed the danger. After that, he made an emergency call. Allen Fire Department said in a Facebook post that nine individuals were sent to nearby hospitals. The threat is no longer present.

President Joe Biden had been briefed about the shooting, according to the White House, and the government had provided local officials with help. Greg Abbott, a Republican governor of Texas who has eased gun laws in the wake of previous school shootings, described it as a “unspeakable tragedy”.

On Saturday night, a large group of shoppers numbering in the hundreds gathered in front of the mall. Officers walked among them and questioned people about what they had observed.

Using his headphones, 35-year-old Fontayne Payton could hear gunshots as he was shopping H&M. Mr. Payton remarked, “It was so loud, it sounded like it was right outside.”

Before staff led the party into the fitting rooms and then a secure rear area, shoppers in the store dispersed, he claimed. Mr. Payton noticed the store had smashed windows and a trail of blood leading to the door when they were given the all-clear to depart. Nearby were some abandoned sandals and bloody clothing.

Mr. Payton spotted bodies outside.

He said, “I hope it wasn’t kids, but it looked like kids.” He claimed that the victims were slumped over bags on the ground and were wrapped in white towels.

“When I walked out to see that,” he recalled, “it broke me.”

Maxwell Gum, a 16-year-old worker at a pretzel store, recounted a virtual stampede of customers. He took refuge in a storage area with other people.

“We took off running. Children were being tramped on, Mr. Gum claimed. “A four-year-old girl was picked up by my coworker and given to her parents.”

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