A 78-year-old Missouri Lady Has Been Detained On Suspicion Of Bank Robbery

According to Missouri authorities, a 78-year-old lady who has previously been convicted of two bank robberies was detained for a third crime.

Bonnie Gooch allegedly entered Goppert Federal Bank and handed the teller a note demanding hundreds of dollars in cash.

Before driving off with the money, she left a message that read, “Thank you sorry I didn’t mean to scare you.”

Gooch is currently incarcerated with a $25,000 (£20,129) bond.

According to court records obtained by the Kansas City Star, the woman entered the bank on 5 April while sporting a black N95 mask, black sunglasses, and plastic gloves. She gave the teller a note that read, “I need 13,000 little dollars.”

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Prosecutors claim that Gooch can be seen on surveillance footage thrashing on the cash register at one point and ordering that it be delivered more quickly before driving away in a Buick Enclave with a handicap license plate.

At about 15:20 local time (21:20 BST), Pleasant Hill Missouri Police Department officers went to reports of a “robbery in process,” and they discovered Gooch in her car with cash all over the floor and a heavy alcohol odor.

Gooch was detained and accused with stealing from or attempting to steal from a financial institution on one count.

“Officers were quite perplexed when they first saw her. A small elderly woman emerges “Tommy Wright, the chief of police in Pleasant Hill, spoke to the Kansas City Star. “Initially, we weren’t certain that we had the appropriate guy.”

Gooch has already had a few run-ins with the law, though.

She has two further convictions as well. One was for a bank robbery in 2020, and the other was for a heist in California in 1977, where it was claimed that she gave the cashier a birthday card that said “this is a robbery.”

In November 2021, her sentence for the robbery from 2020 was completed.

Gooch had no “diagnosed” illnesses, according to Mr. Wright, but the government is investigating whether any underlying health issues could have contributed to the incident given her advanced age.

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