A Jeep That Was Drowned In A Lake Was Discovered By A Fisherman. 18 Minutes After Their Arrival, Officers Discovered A Woman Inside Who Was Still Alive

After spotting what appeared to be a Jeep almost entirely submerged in a lake in Texas, a fisherman dialed the police. Authorities discovered a woman inside who was still alive when they arrived.

According to a news release, the call to the Marion County Sheriff’s Office came in on Friday morning. At Lake O’ the Pines, a fisherman reported seeing a black Jeep submerged approximately 40 feet from a boat launch.

About 18 minutes after deputies arrived, Capt. Chuck Rogers told Insider that they decided it was too dangerous to wade into the water.

They awaited the arrival of the wrecker service that had already been called. The wrecker employee was then transported by the fisherman in his boat to the Jeep, which had been equipped with a hook and cable to help it be pulled out of the water.

Rogers affirmed, “That’s when they saw the woman.” “The woman was able to be helped from the jeep by the fisherman and a wrecker worker. She was loaded into the boat, then taken ashore.

According to Rogers, it was raining and colder than usual that morning, so the woman was put in a car to assist her warm up. He claimed that although the duration of the Jeep’s submersion in the water was unknown, the woman claimed that at least a couple hours had passed.

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As soon as help arrived, the victim was given hypothermia treatment. She was then sent to a neighborhood hospital.

The Longview Police Department in Texas, which is roughly 25 miles south of where the Jeep was recovered, had reported the woman missing, the Marion County Sheriff’s Office learned during their inquiry.

According to Longview Police, they are unable to disclose any details regarding the incident, the woman’s identification, or the time she was reported missing.

It’s not clear how the woman managed to survive, including how much water had inundated the car or how much air was still in it.

A person in a submerged car can occasionally live hours underwater, according to Cat Bigney, a survival specialist who has taught at the Boulder Outdoor Survival School for decades.

A vehicle buried in water, according to her, is “an urgent survival situation” because brain death usually starts four minutes after oxygen deprivation.

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