A Man Was Fatally Shot By Kansas Police After A Traffic Stop Confrontation

A police officer from Kansas City shot and killed a man on Wednesday night. Around 8:30 p.m., a shooting took place close to the 12th Street bridge that spans the Kansas River.

According to Officer Donna Drake of the Kansas City, Missouri Police Department, who is in charge of the investigation into the use of fatal force, an officer stopped a car in the 1100 block of Metropolitan Avenue due to a traffic infraction.

Drake claimed that during the traffic stop, a “confrontation ensued” that resulted in the policeman fatally shooting the driver.

Drake stated that the homicide detectives’ investigation was only getting started. A passenger in the automobile at the time of the traffic stop was one of the witnesses who would be questioned, according to Drake.

A number of persons who claimed to be relatives or acquaintances of the deceased man were standing behind the police barrier on Wednesday night.

Pauletta Johnson claimed that the police chaplain had just informed her that her kid had died. She claimed that when they were stopped, her son and his girlfriend were delivering food nearby that evening.

She claimed that she heard gunshots while they were on the phone. By following their phones, she claimed to have arrived quickly.

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She conceded that her son’s car might have had expired tags, but said that since losing his job, he was having financial difficulties. She questioned why the policeman shot him and why he had been stopped in the first place.

“They murdered my infant. She cried out, “My only son,” with obvious distress.

According to Drake, the Kansas City, Kansas, police officer was treated at the hospital for minor wounds. How the cop was hurt was not immediately known.

In accordance with a contract between the two agencies, Kansas City, Missouri police have been in charge of investigating shootings involving Kansas City, Kansas police officers since late 2022.

Drake stated that the Wyandotte County District Attorney’s Office will receive the findings after the inquiry was finished.

The district attorney will determine whether Kansas law permitted the use of force.

Wednesday’s gunshot is the third that has involved Kansas City, Kansas police so far in 2023. Another resulted in death.

On February 4, police in Kansas City, Kansas shot and killed a man after they claimed he escaped on a bicycle from a home where two people had just overdosed on fentanyl. According to the police, a gun was discovered there.

On April 5, police in Kansas City, Kansas, got into a shooting throughout the day after an undercover drug operation went wrong. All three suspects and three tactical police who were shot at sustained non-life-threatening wounds.

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