A Morning Shooting In Downtown Detroit Results In One Fatality And Three Injuries, One Of Whom Is In Arrest

After allegedly shooting three people in Downtown Detroit early on Saturday morning, one of whom died, a man is now in custody, according to police.

At around 12 a.m. on Saturday, officers were downtown at Randolph and Monroe streets when they heard gunshots coming from a neighboring parking garage, according to the Detroit Police Department. They responded right away when they noticed people fleeing the neighborhood.

The responding officers observed a handgun-wielding man running towards the parking garage.

He tried to flee in a black Mazda being driven by someone else, and when they were chasing him, he pointed his revolver at the lead cop.

The individual was hit by the lead officer’s single shot that he fired at him.

The Mazda left the scene, but the injured man was subsequently discovered and arrested at a nearby hospital.

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The man in custody is suspected by Detroit police of shooting three people, one of whom died.

The investigation is being handled by the homicide unit of the Michigan State Police, and no details on the wellbeing of the victims or the circumstances that preceded the shooting have been disclosed.

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