After Allegedly Breaking Into A Residence And Barricading Herself Inside, A Local Woman Was Arrested

A woman from Pittsburgh is currently being held in jail after the Pennsylvania State Police claimed that she broke into a house and then barricaded herself inside.

At approximately 10:47 in the morning, state troopers were dispatched to the 220 block of Corey Avenue in Braddock after receiving reports of a domestic altercation in that area of the city.

According to the authorities, Samantha Abram, 39, entered the home by means of a shattered window and struck one of the victims on the head with a clinched fist.

Below tweet verifies the news of woman breaking into a house.

State police said, Abram damaged a number of different items within the house.

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While she was attempting to have a conversation with Abram, she hurried back inside the home and locked herself in, while she left the children outside.

When the homeowner returned, the law enforcement officers were able to enter the residence undetected. They discovered Abram hiding in a plastic tote bin in the basement of the house.

Abram was arrested and is currently being held in the Allegheny County Jail pending further investigation.

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