What is Andy Garcia Wife Marivi Lorido Garcia Age Now?

Andy Garcia, who is famous for his appearances in The Untouchables and the Ocean’s Heist film series, will play the lead in a film version of Father of the Bride in 2022. The first film adaptation of the 1949 novel, starring Steve Martin, was a hit in the theaters.

Andy plays Billy, a father who is having a hard time accepting his daughter’s engagement, in this Latin-influenced remake of the film. While he and his wife Ingrid (Gloria Estefan) are in the thick of wedding preparations, their own marriage is crumbling.

His fictional character’s marriage is fraught with difficulties. Andy Garcia, on the other hand, is a happily married father of three for over two decades in real life. Learn more about Andy’s romantic history by reading on.

Who is Andy Garcia’s Wife?

Who is Andy Garcia's Wife

Find another famous person who has been married as long as Andy Garcia. He apparently weds Marivi Lorido in 1982 and they’ve been together ever since. To give some context, Andy’s first film role was in 1983’s Blue Skies Again.

That implies his marriage has lasted longer than his career in the entertainment industry! His major break wasn’t even until 1987 in The Untouchables. His marriage precedes his ascent to popularity by several years.

Andy and Marivi dated for almost ten years before being married, as stated in a 1997 interview with The Chicago Tribune. Saying to the Tribune, “It was love at first sight,” “I always knew I would marry her.”

To further his acting career, he convinced her to move to Hollywood with him, saying, “She was easy to persuade, but her father wasn’t.”

When you examine his present position in Father of the Bride, you can see how everything has come full circle there.

According to CelebSuburb, Andy even proposed to Marivi on their very first date. They were engaged for a long time before finally getting married in 1982.

As for Marivi herself, she’s no stranger to show business. She’s worked on movies including 1998’s Just the Ticket as a producer. She and Andy are also the producers and owners of CineSon Entertainment. This famous pair should serve as a model for all other couples.

Andy Garcia Wife Marivi Lorido Garcia Age

Cuban-born Marivi Lorido Garcia was born on April 19, 1958. At a young age, she was forced to leave the nation. Upon the expulsion, Marivi, 65, made her transfer to the United States with her Spanish parents who were from Taramundi, Asturias, Spain, building a permanent home there.

Lorido’s spouse shares that nationality with her. His father, René Garca Néz, was a lawyer, while his mother, Amelie Menéndez, taught English. Garcia and his family emigrated to Miami, Florida from Cuba when he was five, following the botched Bay of Pigs Invasion.

When it comes to her citizenship, Lorido may claim both the American and Cuban flags.

Do Andy and Marivi Have Children?

Andy and Marivi have been married for 40 years and have four children. Dominik, age 39, Daniella, age 35, and Alessandra, age 31, are their three daughters. Andres Garcia-Lorido, now 21 years old, is the couple’s son. On International Women’s Day (March 8, 2022) and elsewhere, the doting dad has posted several images of his daughters to Instagram.

Blessings upon you! Dominik, Daniella, Alessandra, and Violette Rose Marivi on #NationalWomensDay”#internationalwomensday,” he wrote as the caption. Andy famously became a grandfather in Oct. 2021 when Daniella gave birth to her daughter. Happy Birthday, my beautiful Dani Girl!! “Violette’s Mom,” he captioned a photo of them together on Instagram on January 3.

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