Back to the Future 4 Release Date: Why Bob Rules Out a Back to the Future Sequel

The popular cultural impact of Back to the Future has returned. It seems like we’re talking about Marty McFly and Doc Brown more than we have in quite some time, thanks to the continuing success of Back to the Future: The Musical and the nearing 40th anniversary of the original film. That means there’s renewed speculation regarding a fourth Back to the Future film on the internet.

If you conduct a fast search, you’ll find reports that a fourth film starring Michael J. Fox and Christopher Lloyd is in the works, as well as bogus posters and trailers meant to make it appear like an inevitable resuscitation of the franchise.

For diehards, it’s an intriguing prospect, but how credible are the rumors? Would the filmmakers behind the original trilogy risk becoming involved in a Back to the Future 4? Take a deeper look at the situation and who the major participants are.

There Will Not Be a Back to the Future 4

There Will Not Be a Back to the Future 4

Despite rumors persisting for years, Back to the Future 4 has never been officially announced. Director Robert Zemeckis did not completely write off the idea, but it seems like it has yet to become a reality.

According to ScreenCrush, Zemeckis said the movie never materialized because he couldn’t come up with a good plot. In retrospect, he said, “If I had an idea that I could have pitched to Bob [Gale] with a straight face, we would have made it.” It doesn’t mean Back to the Future 4 is definitely happening, but it does indicate that Zemeckis is interested in the possibility.

Bob’s Firm Stand: No Fourth Back to the Future Movie

In 2021, the Express asked Bob how he’d feel if Robert phoned him up and said he wanted to shoot a fourth film:

“He wouldn’t do that! That’s just not going to happen, no! There’s a couple of things. First of all, do you want to see a Back to the Future movie without Michael J Fox? No, you don’t. Michael J Fox has Parkinson’s disease. Do you want to see Marty McFly suffering from Parkinson’s disease? No, you don’t want that either.”

He continued: “Do you even want to see Michael J Fox at age 60 [playing Marty]? No, you don’t want to see that either. No more than you want to see…I won’t name any names…they bring some of these actors out with mothballs for some of these sequels and you think, ‘That’s not the version of that character I want to see!’”

When asked to elaborate, Bob stated he believes people are asking for “something that makes me feel the same way I felt when I first saw Back to the Future” when they ask for a new movie, rather than what a fourth episode might really be.

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