Barry Weiss Net Worth: The Music Maven Behind the Scenes and the Reality TV Collector!

Barry Weiss is a music executive from the United States. He was born on February 11, 1959. He was a co-founder of Sony Music Entertainment’s RECORDS imprint in 2015, which focuses on up-and-coming performers.

Starting off with Clive Calder’s Jive Records, Weiss eventually became the head of the RCA/Jive Label Group. Justin Timberlake, Britney Spears, Chris Brown, NSYNC, Backstreet Boys, A Tribe Called Quest, and many more were nurtured by Weiss at Jive. Before co-founding RECORDS in 2015, he departed the company in 2011 to become a part of Universal Music Group.

Barry Weiss Net Worth

Being a professional storage-treasure hunter and reality TV celebrity in the US, Barry Weiss is worth $10 million. The quirky superstar of A&E’s big hit reality series “Storage Wars,” Barry Weiss (not to be mistaken with the same-named music producer or reporter) starred on the show from 2010 to 2013 and again in 2021.

Because of his extensive collection of priceless antiques, Barry earned the nickname “The Collector” on the show. In addition to his appearances in ‘Motorcycle Mania III’ (2004) and ‘Beverly Hills Garage – The Bruce Meyer Project’ (2019), Weiss went on to have his own shows on A&E, ‘Barry’d Treasure’ (2014) and ‘Storage Wars: Barry Strikes Back’ (2015) in 2015.

Barry Weiss Net Worth

Barry Weiss Produce Fortune

Weiss and his brother were extremely wealthy produce merchants before he became a reality TV star. He retired to concentrate on storage hunting after spending almost 25 years creating a wholesale produce business. After a while, Barry was able to retire and tour the world thanks to the money he made from the business.

Weiss went home after becoming bored with travelling to other places and began to indulge his interest for antiques and collections with his multi-million dollar net worth. The fact that Barry kept most of the things he won from “Storage Wars” is why he didn’t earn as much as his co-stars, said Barry.

Barry Weiss Storage Wars Salary

Dave Hester’s 2012 lawsuit provided us with a wealth of information regarding the cast wages and other contentious claims. There was a direct correlation between the most heinous accusation in Hester’s lawsuit and Brandi Passante. Hester claimed that the producers of Storage Wars had Brandi have breast implants so that the show would have more s*x appeal.

Along with that, he claimed that the producers had inauthentically “placed” or “salted” all of the valuables discovered in the storage units, and that after filming the scenes, the actors were actually made to return the items to the producers instead of selling them.

Barry Weiss Personal Life

Barry is known to show up at every auction in a brand new car, and his collection is supposedly valued around half a million dollars. His 1947 Custom Cowboy Cadillac is the most recognisable vehicle of his, and it has been featured prominently on “Storage Wars.”

Weiss was taken to the hospital in April 2019 following a motorbike accident that left him badly injured. He had multiple procedures and was discharged from the hospital over two months later. His job as a spokesperson for Sherwood Valley Casino required him to do voiceover work while he recovered from the accident.

Julie and Jack, Barry’s children from a previous marriage, are now adults. He presided over the reality show “Monster Garage” alongside Sandra Bullock and is Jesse James’s godfather.

Barry Weiss Real Estate

Barry resides in the posh Laughlin Park neighbourhood of Los Angeles. Constructed in 1928, the 4-bedroom mansion is now valued between $3 million and $4 million.

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