Family Members Of The Deceased National Guardsman Requests That A Death Benefits Bill Named After Him Be Made Retroactive

Bishop Evans, a member of the Texas National Guard, passed away last year while participating in Gov. Greg Abbott’s border mission. As a result, legislation was passed guaranteeing $500,000 in death benefits for future guard men who pass away in the line of duty.

Evans’ own family won’t be eligible if the “Bishop Evans Act” is passed, though. Evans’ grandma and other military supporters are now pleading with Congress to make the measure retroactive so they can get the death benefits it provides.

Evans’ grandmother Jo Ann Johnson, who raised him, remarked, “Financially, as far as me and my husband, we are seniors.” This will undoubtedly aid the family in completing some of the tasks that [Bishop] wished to complete for me.

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When Evans, 22, was sent for Operation Lone Star, Abbott’s premier immigration initiative to try to reduce the number of migrants crossing from Mexico into Texas, he died in April while attempting to save two migrants from drowning in the Rio Grande.

During his funeral, Evans received the Lone Star Medal of Courage and a posthumous promotion to sergeant. Also, he had been awarded two Army Achievement Medals and the Distinguished Service Medal.

Johnson claimed that Evans, who shared their home, had bought a private life insurance policy that helped pay for his funeral. She added that because of further debts left behind in his name, his family is no longer able to rely on his money to support them with household expenses.

Bills must be paid, and they don’t stop because someone quits breathing, according to Johnson.

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