How Did George Michael Die: What Were George Michael’s Last Words?

A legendary songwriter. Songs like “Freedom! ’90,” “Wake Me Up Before You Go-Go,” and “Careless Whisper” were written by him. The impact of George Michael cannot be matched. The new Wham! documentary has just premiered on Netflix, and many are curious about George Michael’s death.

How Did George Michael Die?

The Hollywood Reporter was informed by Michael Lippman, George Michael’s manager, that the singer passed away due to heart failure. There he lay, “in bed, lying peacefully,” in his London residence.

Michael expressed his profound disappointment, calling the news “devastated” and describing it as unexpected. Police in the Thames Valley determined that no foul play had occurred and characterized the situation as “unexplained but not suspicious.”

Back then, the singer’s arrest for public lewdness had been transformed into the smash single “Outside.” People were remembering her on social media in droves. An emotionally wrenching screen capture from a 2004 interview with George was posted by journalist Dorian Lynskey. The late pop diva explains in it how to tell if you’re really “close to God” or not.

“We all make decisions of this nature 10 or 20 times a day in tiny ways,” he pointed out. God draws nearer to those who are generous and loving. You will grow far from him if your decisions are characterized by selfishness and ungenerozitate. He went on to say that getting through life unscathed should be our ultimate aim.

Did George Michael Have AIDS?

Did George Michael Have AIDS

In March 1993, George’s ex-partner died of AIDS, although George’s death was unrelated to the condition. The Mirror reports that in January 1991, George crossed paths with Anselmo Feleppa, a Brazilian fashion designer, at the Rock in Rio festival. From that point on, tensions rose rapidly. The music star had never felt so at ease as a homosexual guy before that moment.

When they first met that summer, they were inseparable. During their vacation, they visited George’s homes in countries like Cyprus and Greece. George asked Anselmo to attend four of his shows at Wembley Arena. When Anselmo learned he was HIV positive that fall, things took a terrible turn. At first, he attempted to conceal it from George due to his feelings of humiliation.

“Imagine for a second that you’ve discovered true love, and then, six months in, it breaks your heart. At the time, George described it as “truly terrifying news” from 1991. He had negative tests done himself, and “George and Anselmo spent most of the year in Los Angeles where George was busy recording.”

Following their final New Year’s Eve excursion to the Caribbean, Anselmo returned to Brazil to pay his family a visit. He fell ill and died while there. After telling his parents he was gay the day before, George took a plane to Brazil to pay his respects at Anselmo’s burial.

What Were George Michael’s Last Words?

George Michael: Freedom was the title of the documentary he was working on documenting his life in the days preceding up to his death. Some of Michael’s last talks were featured in the 90-minute documentary, which was broadcast approximately one year following his passing. He discussed his mother Lesley’s and his first love Anselmo’s deaths in it.

Another thing Michael said was that he felt “picked on by the gods.” He said that the years following his mother’s death and Feleppa’s AIDS diagnosis were the lowest points of his life.

My mother told me I was on the mend, but I was in continual anxiety from the moment I learned about my partner until then. According to his memory, it was either death dread or the fear of future loss. I had never experienced such a deep despair before. It was a very dismal period.

Michael was likely alone the night before he passed away, thus little is known about his last moments. Fawaz claims that on Christmas Eve, he did not spend time with Michael.

“I never saw him. I fell asleep in my car and I never saw him that night,” Fawaz told The Mirror.

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