Destiny’s Child Actress Kelly Rowland Net Worth: How Much Kelly Earn From Her Career?

Amidst a world that vacillates between the expected and the unexpected, there is a figure that embodies all aspects, yet in perfect harmony. She emerged from the Houston, Texas scene like a melodic phoenix, her raw charisma transformed into refined craft.

Let us listen to the harmonious melody of her successful career, business endeavors, and personal life, which is a hymn to her achievements.

Kelly Rowland Net Worth

The American multi-talented Kelly Rowland is worth $12 million. She sings, writes songs, acts, and is a TV personality. Among Kelly Rowland’s most recognizable roles is her time spent performing with the legendary American R&B girl group Destiny’s Child.

Kelly Rowland Real Estate

Located in the exclusive Sherman Oaks neighborhood of Los Angeles, Rowland purchased a mansion in 2018 for $3.45 million. The home has a contemporary façade with five bedrooms and seven bathrooms.

For seclusion, the 4,285-200 square foot house is situated behind gates. In addition, the dining room, living room (complete with a bespoke fireplace), and contemporary kitchen are all part of the open-concept house, as reported by the Daily Mail UK.

Is Kelly Rowland Married?

Is Kelly Rowland Married?

Tim Weatherspoon, Rowland’s manager, became her boyfriend in 2011. While appearing on 2013’s “The Queen Latifah Show,” they made the engagement announcement. Titan Jewell Weatherspoon was born to Rowland and her husband the following year, and the couple soon tied the knot. Another boy was born to them in 2021.

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