How Did Pastor Darby Die? What the Autopsy of Stephen Darby Says?

In December of 2017, well-known pastor and YouTuber Stephen Darby unexpectedly went away under unclear circumstances. An autopsy was performed to determine the cause of Pastor Stephen Darby’s death.

This article, “Pastor Stephen Darby Autopsy: The Truth Behind the Mysterious Death,” delves into the findings of the autopsy report on Pastor Stephen Darby and the circumstances surrounding his death.

Who was Stephen Darby?

Who was Stephen Darby

The late Reverend Stephen Darby was a popular online preacher who used his channel to spread his teachings on religion, culture, and ethics. His YouTube account, which he launched on August 20, 2006, helped him gain a large following soon after his birth in Charleston, West Virginia, USA.

His channel has over 53 million views and over 220,000 subscribers. Stephen Darby imparted to his disciples a wealth of wisdom and insight in the form of sermons and teachings.

Pastor Stephen Darby passed away in December 2017, but his wife, Nancy LaPere Darby, kept his YouTube channel running to make sure his legacy lives on.

The Autopsy of Pastor Stephen Darby

Stephen Darby, a pastor, passed away in 2017 after collapsing at the Christian retreat where he was working, Grace Retreat Village. He was transported to the hospital following the incident but sadly passed away there.

Family members attest that Pastor Stephen was in good health and that the day he died was no different from any other. The hospital administration has chosen to do an autopsy on Pastor Stephen Darby in light of the circumstances surrounding his death.

Stephen Darby Cause of Death

The family and friends of Stephen Darby are devastated by the news of his death. They want to know what happened to Stephen Darby. The average day for Stephen Darby began at Grace Retreat Village, a Christian retreat center he had been developing for years. He went unconscious in an instant and slumped.

He was evacuated to the hospital after the event, where he was pronounced dead; however, the hospital administration could not determine the reason for his death and thus ordered an autopsy.

When Did the Funeral for Stephen Darby Take Place?

On Sunday, August 25, 2019, at 2 p.m., funeral services for Stephen Darby were held at the Seaman Community Methodist Church in Seaman, Ohio.

Burial was placed at Cherry Fork Cemetery under Ray Degenkold’s presiding direction. The Pastor’s family requested that in lieu of flowers, memorial contributions be directed to:

  • Contact Brenda and Mike Crackel at 14460 State Route 41, West Union, Ohio 45693; Dunkinsville United Methodist Church.
  • Scott McFarland, 405 Lookout View Drive, West Union, OH 45693, Attention: West Union Football Team;

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