How Did Stephanie Marie Razo-Andrews Die: What Happened to Her?

Stephanie Marie Razo-Andrews was born in Kansas City, Missouri on June 29, 1987. Stephanie was a cheerful, lively, spiritual soul whose funny and fun-loving nature brightened the room. She was always eager to assist anyone in need.

Stephanie was a fashion stylist who liked purple and green, the Chiefs, the Royals, anything Kansas City, and traditional Mexican food (particularly menudo).

Her determination prompted her to work two jobs to support her boys: full-time at Dealer Cue in automotive software sales and part-time at Stix and Stones as a bartender. She was on the TV show Bar Rescue and even had her own memes.

How Did Stephanie Marie Razo-Andrews Die?

How Did Stephanie Marie Razo-Andrews Die

The circumstances behind Stephanie Marie Razo-Andrews’s passing remain unknown. We promise to revise the piece if new details emerge about Stephanie’s death.

People who love her have written a few words about her.

Sarah Grindol Wrote

I am so blessed to have known Stephanie. She was always so kind and caring to me. I have a few really good memories of her. The first time she met her niece, another time she drove all the way to Topeka just so we could take the kids to Chuck e cheese. My daughter Emily recalls this particular memory because Stephanie crawled into the tubes to rescue her. We all laughed and laughed. She will be dearly missed by many, and Emily knows she has an angel watching over her.

Megan Barkwell Wrote 

My family is so sorry to hear of Stephanie’s passing. Our condolences to Stephs family, her boys and her friends! We’ve had so many memories together threw the past decade. A year could go by that we hadn’t spoke and she would message me just to check in on my family. She was so fun to be around. I will always remember our BBQs we use to have or when she just wanted to come over and chat. She will truely be missed by us!

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