How Many Times Barry Williams Married: How Many Kids Does Barry Williams Have?

American actor and musician Barry Williams is best known for his role as Greg Brady on the groundbreaking television series The Brady Bunch. Throughout his distinguished career, he has been in a number of other productions worthy of mention. Let’s investigate his private life and learn about his past and present relationships.

How Many Times Barry Williams Married?

We’ve established several times that Barry Williams’ relationship management skills are less than stellar. He’s now settled down with his third wife after two previous marriages ended in divorce.

Diane Martin

In July of 1990, Barry Williams wed Diane Martin for the first time. Singing beauty queen Diane met Broadway actor Barry in 1988 when they were both cast in the musical Romance/Romance. Unfortunately, their marriage did not last and they separated in 1992. Notably, they did not produce any offspring throughout their time together.

Eila Mary Matt

Eila Mary Matt and Barry Williams got married in January of 1999. Their chance meeting occurred in 1996 at a charity event in Los Angeles, where Eila was working as a real estate agent and had previously worked as a waitress.

In 2003, the couple gave birth to a son named Brandon Eric Williams. However, difficulties in their relationship led to a divorce in 2005. Later on, Barry told how Matt frequently threatened him with a knife and had a violent temper.

Tina Mahina

How Many Times Barry Williams Married

In July of 2017, Barry Williams wed Tina Mahina for the third time. In 2016, while performing in Branson, Missouri, Hawaiian social worker Tina bumped into Barry. They had an intimate wedding on a beach in Kauai, Hawaii, to celebrate their love. They’ve settled in Branson, where Barry’s music continues to win over crowds.

How Many Kids Does Barry Williams Have?

Barry Williams’ two children, Brandon Eric Williams and Samantha Rose Williams, are very important to him. His two loves, Brandon from an old affair and Samantha from his current one with Elizabeth Kennedy are the yin and yang of his existence.

Williams’ path as an actor, but also as a parent who values his time with his kids, has been shaped by the wide range of feelings and experiences that each child has brought into his life.

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