Is David Muir Married or Not: Who is David Muir Dating Now?

David Muir has a large following because he is a famous and successful journalist. He holds multiple titles, including managing director of ABC News, journalist, and anchor. One of the most prominent New York City broadcast television networks, ABC News, features David Muir.

His anchoring and delivery of arguments and viewpoints on many social topics are much admired. Many think this journalist’s widespread adulation stems from the thoroughness and clarity of his reporting on a wide range of political and social topics.

Over the years, his exceptional reporting has garnered him a slew of accolades, including the Edward R. Murrow Award and several Emmys. The following is a list of what is known about the partner of David Muir.

Is David Muir Married?

Not married, David Muir. His hard professional work takes precedence over his personal life, and he has never been married and does not currently have a wife.

As far as anyone can tell, David Muir is single. The award-winning journalist has never made public any details about his relationships, including whether or not he is dating. We have seen this trend before. It is exceedingly difficult to determine who Muir is seeing because of his habit of keeping his private life, including his romantic relationships, under wraps.

It has also sparked rumors, and if they are to be believed, David Muir’s former boyfriend was Gio Benitez, both of whom work as journalists for ABC News. There were whispers in 2015 that David Muir was seeing Gio Benitez for the foreseeable future.

The two journalists frequently posted images of themselves together on social media and spent a lot of time together. As a result, fans started to infer a romantic relationship from their proximity, especially because Gio is out as gay. There was never any confirmation or denial of the report, hence the theories were never proven.

After much anticipation, Gio and Tommy DiDario tied the knot in a modest ceremony in Miami, Florida on September 17, 2015. As soon as this happened, rumors about David and Gio becoming a couple died down.

Is David Muir Gay?

Is David Muir Gay

Since David Muir has never publicly acknowledged his sexual orientation, nobody knows for sure if he is gay or not. There are some grounds for the claims that David Muir is gay. Consider this man: he’s 50 years old, very successful in his field, and incredibly attractive—yet he has never been in a committed relationship with a woman. That is to say, he hasn’t come out as gay yet, but he might be gay.

A couple of guys have been associated with David Muir, who has been spotted usually with them. His purported repeated sightings at homosexual bars sparked the gay bar rumors. After that, allegations surfaced that he was seeing a male coworker called Gio Benitez around the year 2015.

Additionally, a man simply known as Sean was lately associated with Muir. The man is supposedly the brains behind the swimsuit line aussieBum and its current Managing Director. Still, Muir chose not to comment on the rumors, as he had with his previous purported partnerships. Therefore, it cannot be proven.

David Muir is unconcerned about the rumors that have circulated about his sexual orientation as a result of all these sightings. The greatest approach to deal with such matters, it appears like David has realized as a journalist, is to ignore them.

If you are curious about his sexuality and love life, you can think whatever you want to believe about him, because he has never once remarked on whether he is homosexual or not.

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