Is Gwen Pregnant: How Many Kids Does Gwen Stefani Have?

American singer Gwen Stefani was the subject of pregnancy speculations in 2022. At a small ceremony held at Blake Shelton’s ranch in 2021, Stefani became the wife of the country musician and mentor on The Voice. Their paths first intersected in 2014, when they were both judges on The Voice. They started dating seriously in 2015 after each of them had just gotten a divorce.

The two singers worked together on multiple duets during their partnership, including the country smash “Nobody Like You” and the pop classic “Happy Anytime.” “Hollywood couple goals” is the right word to describe Gwen Stefani and Blake Shelton. Stefani wants her privacy, but her fans can’t stop talking about the pregnancy rumors.

Is Gwen Pregnant?

A fourth child is on the way for Gwen Stefani, according to Radar Online. She is indeed expecting a child. Nonetheless, neither Gwen Stefani nor Blake Shelton have confirmed the pregnancy publicly at this time. These rumors state that the 47-year-old singer is reportedly expecting her first child via in vitro fertilization (IVF) with Blake Shelton, 41 years her junior.

Allegedly, she had been plotting her pregnancy for months beforehand. From her prior marriage to Gavin Rossdale, Gwen has three sons: Apollo (3), Zuma (9) and Kingston (11), who are all boys.

No official pregnancy announcements have been made by Gwen Stefani and Blake Shelton. Neither Stefani nor Shelton has spoken publicly about the pregnancy, and the couple clearly loves their privacy.

Gwen allegedly “wanted nothing more than to give Blake his child” and chose to try IVF again after previously giving up, according to a source in a recent Life & Style issue (via IB Times). At least this time, it seems to have worked.

How Many Kids Does Gwen Stefani Have?

How Many Kids Does Gwen Stefani Have

Coaches Gwen Stefani and Blake Shelton crossed together in April 2014 while working with The Voice finalists.

Their spouses from that era were still living separately. Country singer Miranda Lambert was Shelton’s wife, while rocker Gavin Rossdale was Stefani’s husband.

Nonetheless, Stefani and Shelton became close confidants after their respective divorces in the summer of 2015.

Their engagement was later confirmed on October 27, 2020. Furthermore, on July 3, 2021, the happy pair exchanged wedding vows.

Speaking of Gwen Stefani’s offspring, she has three sons. Kingston is the eldest at 17 years old, followed by Zuma at 15 and Apollo at 9 years old.

Plus, Gwen’s ex-husband Gavin Rossdale is the father of these boys.

Although Stefani and Rossdale are no longer in a relationship (they divorced in 2015 after over twelve years of marriage), their children remain their top priority.

The three boys are also raised by Stefani’s present husband Blake Shelton, whom she wed in 2021.

Gwen also loves to post Instagram photos of the kids and herself with Blake.

Nonetheless, Gwen did bring up the fact that she and Blake would like to start a family.

All the buzz around Gwen Stefani’s purported pregnancy has intensified because of this.

The story has many people hoping that she will have a daughter soon.

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