John Candy Cause of Death: What Was Candy’s Net Worth When He Died?

There are a lot of things that people will remember John Candy for. His pitch-perfect slapstick, his scene-stealing presence, and his generous altruism. Ryan Renyolds, however, reflected on Candy as an “absolutely beautiful” performer on the 26th anniversary of his death.

As one critic put it, he “walked the tightrope between hilarious and heartbreaking.” Reynolds said of his filmography, “His films mean so much to me,” in a tweet.

John Candy Cause of Death

In the wee hours of March 4, 1994, John Candy fell from that wire. Candy was found dead in his hotel room in Durango, Mexico, where he had traveled to film his final picture. He was only 43 years old when he passed away from a heart attack while his sleep.

The Hollywood community at large was taken aback by his untimely passing, but Candy had long expected this to be his fate. His father and brother had both had heart attacks before he was born, and his father’s had been fatal.

Candy’s internal struggles between accepting his genetic predisposition for heart disease and fighting it were well documented. “He felt he had inherited in his genes a Damoclean sword,” Carl Reiner, director of Summer Rental, told People. “So it didn’t matter what he did.” His pessimism fed his unhealthy habits, which included binge eating, substance abuse, and smoking a pack of cigarettes a day.

At other times, however, he struggled to reduce weight through food and exercise. Despite the fact that several of his most famous parts, such as Yosh Shmenge in The Last Polka, made jokes about his size.

What Was Candy’s Net Worth When He Died?

What Was Candy's Net Worth When He Died

Candy left behind a wife and two kids after his untimely passing. According to reports assessed his wealth at $15 million, most of which we assume went to his loved ones. This may appear modest in comparison to current standards, but it was a huge accomplishment back in 1994.

It’s reasonable to assume that Candy would have been able to significantly increase his fortune if he hadn’t passed away so suddenly at the height of his success.

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