Is JoJo Siwa Pregnant: Who is JoJo Siwa Dating?

JoJo Siwa, a singer, actor, and online celebrity, shot to stardom after she and her mother, Jessalynn Siwa, made an appearance on Dance Moms in 2015.

JoJo’s popularity skyrocketed after she introduced her trademark hair bows. Her fame skyrocketed during and after her appearance on the show.

JoJo has risen to prominence among young adults on social media thanks to the messages of diversity, individualism, and anti-bullying she spreads through her posts.

But as of late, there has been some talk that the 20-year-old is pregnant. Does this have any basis in reality?

Is JoJo Siwa Pregnant?

You may have noticed that the search term “JoJo Siwa pregnancy announcement” is now associated with all of her videos if you’ve recently used TikTok. The reason for this is because JoJo recently went shopping and used Snapchat to show off the kids’ items she bought as a gift for a friend.

JoJo posted a selfie of herself online with the comment “Can’t believe it” and her hand over her stomach as a joke.

Some individuals on Facebook apparently didn’t realize JoJo was joking when they shared a screenshot of her Snapchat account. Then, overnight, everyone was curious about whether or not the photo was authentic.

JoJo has now responded to the rumors on her TikTok, sewing a video of herself to the Facebook photo to express her shock at the extent to which the false pregnancy has been discussed.

Troll that she is, JoJo has once again joked on Snapchat that she is pregnant. In conclusion, JoJo loves a prank and she is absolutely not pregnant.

Who is JoJo Siwa Dating?

Who is JoJo Siwa Dating

In April 2023, a few months after her breakup from Avery, JoJo seemingly implied she had a new lover in a video she released to TikTok.

She said in the video’s description, “Happy feelings are meant to be shared,” alongside a slideshow of photographs of JoJo and an unnamed lover.

The YouTuber’s legion of fans were thrilled to hear the news, sending messages like “you deserve all the happiness JoJo” and “JoJo’s relationships give middle school so hard.”

JoJo never disclosed this affair, however.

Jojo Siwa Has Been Open About Her Partner

JoJo expressed a desire to discover love like the one she and Raven-Symoné’s co-host Miranda Pearman-Maday have on their podcast, The Best Podcast Ever.

“I just fantasize about having it for myself, like it’s all I want,” she said in August 2023. “I’m such a lover, and I don’t have somebody to love, and I crave it so much.”

She also said she hadn’t gone on a date in six months, but she’s eager to start a family as soon as possible.

“The personal side of my life, since I was 12, I can’t wait to be a mom,” JoJo added. “I cannot wait to have babies. I want to have so many. I can’t wait. I feel like I’ll have kids pretty early,”

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