Kim Mulkey Net Worth: A Look Into Her Successful Coaching Career

Kim Mulkey is a very successful American basketball coach best known for leading the women’s basketball squad at Baylor University. On May 17, 1962, Mulkey was born in Tickfaw, Louisiana. She joined Louisiana Tech as an assistant coach in 1985.

She later served as Baylor’s head coach from 2000 to 2021. Under her direction, the squad won numerous conference championships and three NCAA championships during that time. We’ll go into more detail about Kim Mulkey Net Worth, her successes, and her personal life in this piece.

Kim Mulkey Net Worth

As of 2023, Kim Mulkey Net Worth is $5 million. On May 17, 1962, Kim Mulkey was born in Santa Ana, California. Her salary as a basketball coach is included in this sum, along with other sources of income including endorsements and investments.

A tweet about Kim Mulkey talking about her team’s success.

Personal Life Of Kim Mulkey

Kim Mulkey married Randy Robertson in 1987. When they first met at Louisiana Tech, the two were the Bulldogs’ starting quarterback for the 1974 and 1975 seasons. Also, the names of the couple’s two children are Kramer and Makenzie. Her All-American professional baseball player son Kramer attends Louisiana State University.

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Likewise, Makenzie, her daughter, plays basketball and softball for Baylor and is currently an assistant coach on her mother’s staff. Mulkey adopted the name Kim Mulkey-Robertson during their union. Tragically, the couple parted ways in 2006. Also, you can look up Jr. information here. Kitchie Laurico, Marikit.

Success Of Kim Mulkey’s Coaching Career

Over the course of her career, Kim Mulkey has had a lot of success as a basketball coach. She has won three NCAA titles as the head coach of Baylor’s women’s basketball team, in 2005, 2012, and 2019. She has also amassed a sizable collection of conference championships, including 21 regular-season triumphs and 9 tournament victories.

Success Of Kim Mulkey's Coaching Career

Mulkey has received three National Coach of the Year awards and is a member of both the Louisiana Sports Hall of Fame and the Women’s Basketball Hall of Fame. In the end, Kim Mulkey’s wealth demonstrates how effective she has been at coaching basketball and the extent of her influence on the game over the course of her career.

Mulkey’s pay as a coach is her primary source of income, but she has also profited from investments and endorsements. When she transfers to Louisiana State University, it will be interesting to see how her net worth develops over the next few years.

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