Nicole Eggert Net Worth: Unveiling Nicole Eggert’s Diverse Career Journey!

New York City-born actress Nicole Eggert came into this world on January 13, 1972. Some of her prominent television roles include Summer Quinn from Baywatch and Jamie Powell from the situation comedy Charles in Charge.

Both Boy Meets World and The Super Mario Bros. Super Show! included her as a guest star. She was the director of multiple holiday films that debuted on Lifetime. Eggert competed on Celebrity Fit Club (2010) on VH1 and Splash (2013) on ABC, both of which feature celebrity divers. In 2013, she placed second.

Nicole Eggert Net Worth

American actress Nicole Eggert is worth half a million dollars. Popular television series that featured Nicole Eggert include “Charles in Charge” and “Baywatch.” In addition to her recurrent parts in shows like “T.J. Hooker” and “Who’s the Boss?,” she has been in an assortment of TV movies. Two more celebrity reality series that had Eggert competing were “Celebrity Fit Club” and “Splash.”

Nicole Eggert Formative Years

Rolf, a canning industry executive from Germany, and Gina, a talent agent from Britain, had Nicole Eggert in Glendale, California on July 13, 1972. Her mother enrolled her in numerous beauty pageants when she was a little girl, and she won Little Miss California Universe when she was five years old.

Nicole Eggert Net Worth

Nicole Eggert Television Career

With early roles in “When Hell Was in Session” and “When She Was Bad…” as well as a voiceover for the animated special “Someday You’ll Find Her, Charlie Brown,” Eggert began her career on television. In 1981, she made her television debut as Amy Watkins on “Fantasy Island”; in 1982, she portrayed a different character, Nancy Warner.

“T.J. Hooker,” a police drama that Eggert joined in 1982, saw her portray Chrissie Hooker for five episodes running until 1983. After that, she was in the TV movie “I Dream of Jeannie… Fifteen Years Later” and starred in two episodes of the “CBS Schoolbreak Special.” Eggert was a regular cast member on “Who’s the Boss?” from 1985 to 1986, playing the part of Marci Ferguson.

Her breakout role in the ’80s came in Season 2 of the sitcom “Charles in Charge,” where she worked steadily throughout the decade. For the rest of the series, up until 1990, Eggert portrayed Jamie Powell.

Eggert had a small role on “Home Fires” and then became a regular cast member of the action drama “Baywatch” in 1992. He also appeared in the TV movie “Secrets,” which was based on a novel by Danielle Steel. She portrayed Roberta Quinn, a lifeguard, on the second show for two seasons.

What followed was an appearance by Eggert in “Blown Away,” as well as guest spots on “Heaven Help Us” and “Burke’s Law.” In the ’90s, she was also in several TV shows and movies, including “Clueless,” “Boy Meets World,” and the features “Amanda & the Alien” and “Frequent Flyer.”

In the 2000s, Eggert appeared in a slew of more television movies, including “Wall of Secrets,” “Lightspeed,” “Holiday Switch,” “Past Lies,” and “Phantom Racer.” Some of her later appearances on reality competition shows include “Splash,” “Celebrity Fit Club,” and “Battle of the Network Stars.” After getting breast reduction surgery in 2015, reality show “Botched” featured Eggert.

Nicole Eggert Film Career

In 1981, Eggert made her film debut in “Rich and Famous,” George Cukor’s last feature, playing the role of Candice Bergen’s character’s young daughter. The 1983 dramedy “Hambone and Hillie,” which focused on dogs, was her subsequent feature picture. Afterwards, she appeared in “The Clan of the Cave Bear,” “Kinjite: Forbidden Subjects,” and “The Haunting of Morella,” in which she played the lead role.

A few of Eggert’s films from the ’90s include the erotic thriller “Blown Away,” the superhero flick “The Demolitionist,” and the Dutch comedy “Siberia,” in which she briefly appeared. “Just One of the Girls,” which was released straight to video, also featured her.

Among Eggert’s 2000s credits are “Submerged,” “Decoys,” “What Lies Above,” “Cattle Call,” and “Loaded.” A couple of her projects at the time went straight to DVD: “Dead Lenny” and “F.L.U.I.D.”

Nicole Eggert Other Endeavors

In addition to her acting career, Eggert is most known for her iconic naked cover appearance on the 1995 debut album of the rock band Sugar Ray, “Lemonade and Brownies.” She started a number of businesses in 2014, one of which was operating an ice cream truck.

Nicole Eggert Personal Life

There was a time when Eggert was engaged to Corey Haim, an actor with whom she had cameos in “Blown Away,” “The Double 0 Kid,” and “Just One of the Girls.” It appears that she was instrumental in rescuing the disturbed young actor from multiple possible drug overdoses by accompanying him to the emergency hospital on multiple occasions.

Dilin and Keegan were the daughters of Eggert and actor Justin Herwick, whom she later wed. They finally split up.

Nicole Eggert Financial Problems

Nicole made the Chapter 13 bankruptcy filing in January 2014. She listed assets of about $1 million and obligations of about $800,000 in the petition. As for her monthly income, she stated it was $15,000, but her expenses were close to $16,000.

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