Noor Alfallah Net Worth: Is She Expecting A Child With Al Pacino?

An American film producer from Kuwait named Noor Alfallah served as the vice president of Sony’s Lynda Obst Productions. Alfallah served as the executive producer of the 2018 television special Brosa Nostra and the 2019 film La Petite Mort.

Al Pacino, an American actor, film director, producer, and composer, was linked to Noor Alfallah in 2022, and Clint Eastwood in 2019.

She had previously dated Nicolas Berggruen, a 60-year-old US-based billionaire businessman and philanthropist, after splitting with Mick Jagger in 2018. In August 2018, she interacted romantically with 49-year-old American actor Eli Roth.

Noor Alfallah Net Worth

Noor Alfallah earns a respectable living from her job and has a net worth of about $3 million. She is well renowned for her investments, which she honed while dating Nicolas Berggruen, her ex-boyfriend.

Noor Alfallah Net Worth

Her monthly and annual salaries, however, are not made public. She rides in automobiles, consumes premium products, and leads a luxury lifestyle.

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Noor Alfallah’s Relationship With Al Pacino

Noor Alfallah is frequently said to be dating a man who is much older than she is. Similar to this, she is said to be dating Al Pacino after dining with Jason Momoa, Julian Schnabel, and a few others at Felix Trattoria in Venice, California last year in 2022. Al Pacino will soon be a father to four children legally.

Pacino’s representative told PEOPLE that the 82-year-old actor and his partner Noor Alfallah are expecting a child. The news was first reported by TMZ.

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