Oppenheimer Release Date And Streaming Status

This weekend, Greta Gerwig’s Barbie and Christopher Nolan’s most recent movie, Oppenheimer, are both released in theaters. This list of all the information on Oppenheimer’s theatrical release and eventual streaming release has you covered. “Barbenheimer” is the theatrical event of the summer.

Oppenheimer Release Date

Starting on July 21, Oppenheimer will be available in cinemas. Check out the details below if you’re wondering how and where to watch it this weekend. For more details on the movie, read our Oppenheimer 10/10 review.

Oppenheimer Release Date And Streaming Status

Showtimes and Where to watch Oppenheimer?

Beginning on July 21, Oppenheimer will be screened in the majority of cinemas. Visit the primary theater websites below to view the local showtime schedules to learn when and where you may watch the movie nearby:

AMC Fandango Theaters
Cinemark Cinemas
Regal Cinemas

You can also read about other upcoming seasons by visiting the links below:

Status of Oppenheimer’s Streaming Release

Given Universal’s agreement with the streaming service, Oppenheimer should eventually be available on Peacock rather than Netflix, (HBO) Max, or Disney+. There is no set date for the launch of streaming.

We are aware that the Universal-Peacock agreement mandates that films be made available for streaming no later than four months following their theatrical debuts.

The Super Mario Bros. Movie, the last significant release from Universal, will arrive at Peacock on August 3 (120 days after its theatrical debut). Oppenheimer will probably visit Peacock after a similar window given his same blockbuster status. If so, Oppenheimer might strike Peacock around November 18.

Cast for Oppenheimer

Christopher Nolan wrote and directed the film Oppenheimer. The actors who appear in it are:

  • Cillian Murphy as J. Robert Oppenheimer
  • Emily Blunt as Kitty Oppenheimer
  • Matt Damon as Leslie Groves
  • Robert Downey Jr. as Lewis Strauss
  • Florence Pugh as Jean Tatlock
  • Benny Safdie as Edward Teller
  • Rami Malek as David Hill

Rating and Runtime for Oppenheimer

Oppenheimer is rated R because to some sexual content, swearing, and nudity. The movie lasts three hours in total, including credits.

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