Road Rage Incident On The Northwest Side Results In Man’s Arrest And Injuries To A 6-month-old Kid

According to San Antonio police, a 22-year-old male is in custody following a road rage incident that injured a 6-month-old baby on the city’s Northwest Side late Sunday night.

Around 9 p.m., rumors of a shooting sent police to the 7600 block of Tezel Road, close to Mainland Drive and Guilbeau Road.

One of the drivers of two automobiles allegedly ran a red light while they were close to Braun Road and Tezel Road. A 22-year-old male allegedly sounded his horn at the other motorist at that point.

According to a preliminary police report, the vehicle’s 22-year-old driver—who was also riding with a woman and a six-month-old child—was enraged by the horn’s honking.

When the infant was still in the car and not in a car seat, the driver allegedly started to purposely and violently chase the other driver.

No one was wounded, according to the authorities, but the man allegedly continued to act out his road rage by firing rounds at the other car. The male stopped at a store and left the wife and the child there at some point during the dispute, according to the police.

According to the police report, the man persisted in pursuing the other automobile and continued to shoot at the victim. The woman and child eventually made a halt at a nearby petrol station on Tezel Road, where they were met by police.

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The shooter was eventually located by police in a nearby area, and he was swiftly put into prison.

The unnamed man is now accused of endangering a kid and aggravated assault with a deadly weapon.

The six-month-old was hurt by shrapnel, according to police who responded to the scene. The mother and child were transported by EMS to a nearby hospital.

The call was answered by the San Antonio Fire Department, the San Antonio Police Department, and the EMS.

According to authorities, the shooting is still under investigation.

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