Russia Has Arrested A 25-year-old Crimean Tatar Woman On Espionage Accusations

Leniye Umerova’s administrative imprisonment was prolonged multiple times during her five months in a North Ossetian detention facility. The woman was brought to Moscow by Russian FSB agents on May 4, where she has been held in the Lefortovo prison facility.

Leniye Umerova was seized by Russian security forces on December 4, 2022, after she crossed the Georgia-Russian border while attempting to return to the occupied Crimea to visit her cancer-stricken father, according to Ukrainian Ombudsman Dmytro Lubinets.

The Russians put the young woman under administrative arrest after falsely accusing her of “violating the rules of the restricted zone” and “disobeying the police.”

Leniye’s brother Azeez Umerov revealed to Radio Liberty’s Krym.Realii programme that his sister spent more than three months being kept in a center for foreign nationals before being released on March 13 as a result of a court order. Leniye was arrested by the police shortly after, purportedly due to a lack of documentation.

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For failing to turn in her phone on time because she was calling her parents and for refusing to exit the convoy vehicle, the court placed her under administrative arrest and subsequently sentenced her to another 15 days in detention.

The purpose of continually extending Umerova’s arrest, according to Lubinets, was to make up a criminal case against her. Leniye Umerova, as well as all civilian hostages and political prisoners held by the Russian occupation “authorities” in the Crimea, other temporarily seized Ukrainian territory, and in Russia, ought to be freed immediately, he asked.

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