Terry Hall’s Cause of Death: Did He Die Of Cancer?

When Terry Halls, the band’s frontman, passed away in late 2022, fans of THE SPECIALS were devastated. The Coventry-born musician had a successful long career and was even recognized as one of the UK’s first ska musicians.

Terry Hall’s Cause of Death

Initially, it was stated that Terry had died following a “short illness” when word of his passing broke. His battle with pancreatic cancer was later made official. Horace Panter, a member of Hall’s band, broke the news in a heartfelt Facebook post and claimed that Terry had been hiding his illness from the public.

Panter added that the band was only made aware of Hall’s diagnosis two months before to his passing.

Terry Hall’s Cause of Death

He claimed that in October 2022, Hall’s manager for The Specials, Steve Blackwell, called the group to inform them that he had been identified as having pancreatic cancer that had progressed to his liver.

In addition, his pancreas had been assaulted, causing diabetes, which required surgery and chemotherapy. In December 2022, Hall, a British singer and composer, passed away. In addition to singing in Fun Boy Three and releasing a number of solo albums, ska superstar Terry first achieved prominence as the main singer of the band The Specials.

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Founded in 1977 in Hall’s hometown of Coventry by Jerry Dammers, Lynval Golding, and Horace Panter, the Specials are a rock band.

A year later, Hall, Neville Staple, Roddy Byers, and John Bradbury joined. The band’s original name was The Automatics, which they then changed to The Coventry Automatics, The Specials AKA The Automatics, and eventually The Specials in 1978.

Hall was honest about having depression, and he linked this to the horrifying time when he was abducted as a youngster by a pedophile network, taken to France, and mistreated when he was 12 years old.

The celebrity, who was later diagnosed with bipolar disorder as an adult, developed a Valium addiction after the dreadful experience.

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