The Best Manga Characters Who Are Overpowered

The mangas of OP MCs are hidden somewhere in a trench among the many different genres and stories that make up the vast ocean of Japanese comics.

However, there are a ton of stories in this area of the manga universe, and discovering a fantastic OP MC manga is a rewarding experience. However, many of them inevitably have lengthy titles (thank the anime gods, Rimuru is actually a gem).

It’s fascinating to watch a character overcome everything with sheer strength. Often, it’s just the beginning, yet this same beginning is enough to get the better of unwise foes.

The Best Manga Characters Who Are Overpowered

Here is a list of the top mangas that had us root for the main character despite the fact that we knew they could overcome challenges with the ease of a boulder breaking an egg.

Sakamoto Days

Who would have guessed that a grocer’s manager with a ponytail and a kind demeanor is actually a former super-assassin? You undoubtedly anticipate exactly that if you find yourself gazing over this list. In the past, Taro Sakamoto was hailed as the greatest assassin to have ever lived, terrifying his hapless foes.

Then, all of a sudden, Sakamoto falls in love, settles down, and enjoys a peaceful retirement. However, this death god is still plagued by his history, which is tragic. This comedy/action manga offers a novel perspective on the cliché of the former assassin who is still a badass.

Sakamoto may appear to be a kind father, but he is actually a sharp, sheathed blade who occasionally shows strength when his loved ones are under danger.

Rhapsody for Death March to the Parallel World

Computer programmer Ichirou Suzuki wakes up one morning after a long debugging session to find himself in a another universe as a youngster named Satou. He also learns that the world resembles a competition and that a strong group of reptilian men is coming for him to defeat his Level 1 identity.

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Satou gains level 310, which is significantly higher than the game’s top level cap, by using the skill Meteor Shower to defeat a bunch of foes. What would you do if you suddenly possessed tremendous stat gains and skill levels that were superior to everyone else’s? Go sightseeing, Satou replied, and that is exactly what he does.

This MC travels from one location to another while consuming delicacies, rescuing women in need, and destroying some insignificant demon lords.

Mashle: Magic and Strength

Similar to Harry Potter, but without Hagrid to inform Harry that he is a wizard. Mash Burnedead, a man without magic who subdues reality with nothing but muscle, is what we have instead.

Mash turns to physical training for his physique because he lacks magic in a magical world. He receives an exercise powerup akin to Saitama, gaining extreme physical strength that allows him to defeat any challenge with brute force.

Mash decides to enroll in a magic academy and become a Divine Visionary when forces of the world threaten the peace he protects.

He begins his tale in the academy, where he uses his absurd strength—which he frequently refers to as “Muscle Magic”—to vanquish his magical adversaries.

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