The Coast Guard Is Still Looking For A Missing Fisherman Off The North Shore; Three Bodies Have Been Discovered

On Thursday night, three of the four missing boaters’ bodies were found off the shore of Rockport. The fourth person is still being sought after, and the search went on all night.

A search boat and a helicopter could be seen off in the distance. In order to use his binoculars, Paul Norris stepped outside of his Rockport residence. It “can be pretty scary at times, I think, when people aren’t careful and don’t respect the ocean,” he said.

The family of the boat’s owner, Michael Sai, reportedly called the Coast Guard and reported that he had not returned after a fishing excursion with three buddies aboard a white 17-foot center console boat.

Relatives claimed they frequently fish around Jeffries Ledge, which is about 50 miles from shore, and that they had left Hampton Harbor, New Hampshire, on Wednesday morning. The boat was discovered flipped by a Coast Guard search team about 8 miles from Cape Ann, Massachusetts.

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So, according to U.S. Coast Guard Capt. Amy Florentino, “we’re going to focus our search efforts with the air and surface assets, looking for either debris from the vessel that overturned, or people from the vessel that overturned.”

Despite the ideal search conditions of clear skies and calm seas, she claimed there are still risks involved in sailing in frigid water this time of year.

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