What is Tom Hiddleston Wife Zawe Ashton Age? Are Tom Hiddleston and Zawe Ashton Married?

Zawedde British actor, narrator, and playwright Emma Ashton is noted for her appearances in the comedies Fresh Meat and Not Safe for Work, the horror film Velvet Buzzsaw, available on Netflix, and the character of Joyce Carol Vincent in Dreams of a Life.

Given his fame, it’s no surprise that Tom Hiddleston’s romantic life has attracted attention. The London native has certainly lived up to expectations in this regard, as his romantic exploits have garnered widespread media attention. He was known to have dated celebrities including Taylor Swift and Susannah Fielding.

Who Is Zawe Ashton, Tom Hiddleston’s Fiancée?

Just like Tom, Zawe (born Zawedde Emma Ashton) is a London native and an actor. Before heading to New York for the Broadway revival of Betrayal in 2019, the two met while performing in the play’s West End staging.

Besides Fresh Meat (2011-2016), some of Zawe’s other notable works include the movie Blitz (2011), Nocturnal Animals (2016), Greta (2018), and Velvet Buzzsaw (2019). In the currently postponed The Marvels, she will make her MCU debut as Dar-Benn.

Are Tom Hiddleston and Zawe Ashton Married?

Are Tom Hiddleston and Zawe Ashton Married

Tom and Zawe are still not married. A few months later, however, Tom revealed to the L.A. Times that the couple had been engaged since March 2022. “I’m very happy,” he exclaimed.

There has been no announcement of a wedding from the pair, and there may never be. Tom and Zawe are equally adamant that their personal lives stay out of the public eye.

In a 2017 interview with The Telegraph, Tom said, “Everyone is entitled to a private life. I love what I do and I dedicate myself with absolute commitment to making great art and great entertainment, and in my mind I don’t conflict the two. My work is in the public sphere and I have a private life. And those two things are separate.”

Tom Hiddleston Wife Zawe Ashton Age

According to her birth certificate, Zawe Ashton will be 39 years old in the year 2023. Her birthday is July 25th, and each year she has a big party.

Tom and Zawe: Baby Boom or Baby Bust?

The only aspect of their relationship that Tom and Zawe were comfortable discussing openly was Zawe’s pregnancy. In June of 2022, she showed off her growing baby bulge at the New York premiere of her film Mr. Malcolm’s List. Tom and Zawe had their first child together a few months later.

A source told Us Weekly in October 2022, “Tom and Zawe are loving being new parents and are filled with joy.” “They have been having the struggles of new parents and aren’t sleeping much but are thrilled.”

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