Who is Tyrod Taylor Wife: Is Tyrod Taylor Dating Draya Michele?

Before making his Sunday Night Football debut with the New York Giants, Tyrod Taylor was a journeyman in the NFL. Taylor has been on six different NFL teams, but there’s been one constant: his girlfriend.

Before playing for the New York Giants on Sunday Night Football, Tyrod Taylor was a journeyman quarterback in the NFL. In each of Taylor’s six NFL games, there has been one consistent supporter.

Every game of the NFL’s 18-week season is covered, and we also provide up-to-date NFL standings and club depth charts. If you’re curious about Tyrod Taylor’s marital status and who his wife is, keep reading.

Who is Tyrod Taylor Wife?

Right now, Tyrod isn’t involved with anyone romantically. He has not yet tied the knot. The NFL athlete and Draya Michelle were indeed dating at the time. They keep their romance quiet, seldom showing off photos of themselves together. They hadn’t seen each other in months.

Is Tyrod Taylor Dating Draya Michele?

Is Tyrod Taylor Dating Draya Michele

Tyrod Taylor, an NBA player, and his girlfriend Draya Michele just broke up. Michele dated a number of NBA players before she settled down with Taylor for almost two years. Michele, supposedly now seeing Jalen Green, looks to have moved on from Taylor.

Tyrod Taylor reportedly began dating Draya Michele in 2020. The exes never publicly acknowledged their romance, although they did make a number of public appearances together.

Michele’s Instagram story featuring Taylor served as the first big clue regarding their connection. In September 2020, the American model put the rumors to rest when she posted a photo from one of Taylor’s matches.

Earlier this year in March, Michele congratulated Taylor on Instagram for signing with the New York Giants. Their relationship appears to have ended soon after Taylor left.

Who is Tyrod Taylor Dating Now?

Fans of the former Baltimore Ravens quarterback have been wondering if Tyrod Taylor has moved on after his split with Draya Michele and has been dating someone else ever since. However, rumors have said that Taylor is now single.

A tempest has arisen over Taylor’s separation from Michele, especially in light of Michele’s public presence with Green. As a result, Taylor’s reluctance to get back into a romantic partnership is quite reasonable.

Tyrod Taylor dated American model and social media celebrity Kayla Phillips before he dated Draya Michele. In 2013, Taylor and Phillips were a couple.

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