A 4-year-old Boy Died Days After A Crash In Woodland Involving A 13-year-old Suspect

According to the Woodland Police Department, a second individual has passed away as a direct result of the collision that occurred on Saturday in Woodland. The incident occurred when a 13-year-old driving a stolen vehicle caused a multi-vehicle crash during a police chase.

Early on Wednesday morning, police reported that a 4-year-old granddaughter of Tina Vital, who was the first person to lose her life in the collision, had passed away.

On Saturday, the Woodland Police Department said that an officer had attempted to pull over a vehicle for driving erratically and “pursued the car to the intersection of College and Court Streets.”

Following this, the car crashed with two further vehicles, all of which subsequently took fire, resulting in the injuries of nine additional individuals.

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Tina Vital was driving with her grandchild, and two of Tina Vital’s adult children were also in the car with them.

After undergoing medical care at the hospital, the suspect was eventually taken into custody.

On Wednesday, the juvenile suspect, who is only 13 years old, is scheduled to make his initial appearance in court. The suspect is being investigated for vehicular manslaughter with negligence and escaping causing injuries. These charges were brought against the defendant.

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