A Man From Iowa Has Pleaded Guilty To Communicating Death Threats To An Arizona Election Official

An Iowan man admitted in federal court on Thursday to threatening a Maricopa County Board of Supervisors member and Mark Brnovich, the state’s attorney general at the time, in 2021.

The FBI claims that on September 27, 2021, Mark Rissi, 64, threatened to kill Clint Hickman in a voicemail he left for the board of supervisors.

“Good day, Mr. Hickman. In the voicemail, Rissi added, “I’m delighted you’re standing up for democracy and want to put your hand on the Bible and say that the election was honest and fair.

“Thank you very much for that. You’ll remember that you lied on the [expletive] Bible, you piece of [expletive], when we come to lynch your stupid lying Commie [expletive]. You piece of [expletive], you’re going to die. You will be hanged by us. You will be hanged by us.

According to the FBI, on December 8, 2021, Rissi allegedly left Brnovich a voicemail stating the 2020 election was rigged.

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In part of the voicemail, Rissi said, “Do your job, Brnovich, or you will hang with those [expletive] in the end.” “We’ll take care of it. pitchforks and torches. Your future is that, [expletive]. Get to work.

Rissi will be sentenced on June 26 after entering a guilty plea to two charges of making a threatening interstate communication, according to the FBI. For each count, the maximum sentence is five years in jail.

The Department of Justice’s Assistant Attorney General Kenneth A. Polite, Jr. emphasized the need of prosecuting cases involving threats of violence against election officials.

“Public officials who conduct elections, the most fundamental aspect of our democracy, must be able to do their jobs without being subjected to unlawful threats,” stated Polite. “As demonstrated by today’s guilty plea, our Election Threats Task Force will continue to hold accountable those who unlawfully threaten election workers, working with partners across the nation.”

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