The Brain Of Louisville Bank Shooter Connor Sturgeon Will Be Examined For CTE

According to his father, Connor Sturgeon, who shot up a bank in Louisville and graduated from the University of Alabama, his brain will be examined for indications of the degenerative brain disorder chronic traumatic encephalopathy, or CTE.

The 23-year-old Sturgeon, who played basketball and football in high school and has a history of concussions, was pictured in local Indiana media wearing a helmet while participating in non-contact sports like hoops.

At the Old National Bank on Monday, he shot and killed five people. Eight people were hurt, including Officer Nickolas Wilt who was badly hurt and two Louisville police officers.

Todd Sturgeon, the father of Sturgeon, informed WLKY that the family will have Connor’s brain examined to see whether he had CTE.

According to the Daily Beast, Connor’s concussions “took him out of action for days, weeks, and months,” according to Pete Palmer, a representative for the Sturgeon family.

The family has concerns about whether CTE or another neurological factor may have had a role, he added. “They are ignorant. Additionally, it is being evaluated by medical experts. And that is the only information they actually have at the moment.

The family said on Wednesday that while Connor Sturgeon had “mental health challenges,” there were never any indications that he would carry out a mass shooting.

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The family wrote in a statement to WDRB and several Louisville media outlets that although Connor, like many of his contemporaries, had mental health issues that we, as a family, were actively addressing, there were never any warning signs or indicators he was capable of this horrible act.

“While there are still a lot of unanswered questions, we will continue to fully cooperate with law enforcement authorities and do everything we can to help everyone understand why and how this happened,” the statement reads.

According to accounts, the family expressed sympathy for the victims and commended the actions of the LMPD officers that faced Sturgeon.

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