Jackson Pinney, A Suspect In The Roseville And Citrus Heights Shooting Spree, Was Brought Into Custody Near Granite Bay

Jackson Pinney, the suspect in the shootings on Wednesday in Citrus Heights and Roseville, has allegedly been detained by police.

According to the Roseville Police Department, Pinney’s car was seen Thursday afternoon at Eureka and Auburn-Folsom roads. A little after 4 p.m., officers discovered him and took him into jail near Douglas Boulevard and Auburn-Folsom Road.

According to the authorities, the threat that forced some lawmakers to leave the California State Capitol on Thursday was caused by the shooting in Roseville on Wednesday.

The State Capitol building was placed on high alert and partially evacuated Thursday morning in response to a credible threat, which Roseville police reported CHP was allegedly made by the same person who shot at a Kaiser Permanente hospital on Wednesday night, according to the Senate Rules Committee.

The accused was identified as Pinney, a 30-year-old resident of Hayward.

The California Assembly’s session on Thursday was called off because to the danger. Senators left their current place to work elsewhere. The public could visit the Capitol.The Secretary of the Senate issued a statement stating that “the CHP and security partners are present at the Capitol in greater numbers in the Capitol area and are aware of the situation.”

We are all safe at the Capitol, tweeted state assemblyman Isaac G. Bryan just after 10 a.m. Although there was a credible shooter, one is not now active.

A sign stating “State Capitol temporarily closed to the public” was erected on the door later on Thursday afternoon.

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Just before 9 p.m. on Wednesday, the Roseville Police Department says it received reports of shots fired from a pickup truck in the vicinity of Eureka Road and Douglas Boulevard. When police arrived on the site, they discovered that the Kaiser building had been hit by two pullets, according to the police. There were no recorded hits or injuries.

The department issued a statement saying, “At this time, we believe this suspect may also be related to an incident at the State Capitol.” The inquiry, according to police, is ongoing.

According to authorities, the pickup truck connected to the shootings in Roseville is a 2002 Gold Ford F150 single-cab truck with the California license plate number 6V04299, according to the police. It sports a soft tonneau cover in black. Additionally, Pinney was allegedly linked to a white 1996 Acura Integra with the California license plate 6FWU532.

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