A Man From Maryland Pleads Guilty To Having S@xual Contact With A 15-year-old Girl After The Girl’s Mother Discovers Facebook Threads About The Incident

A guy from Washington County admitted to having sex with a 15-year-old girl he met at a car show on two charges of third-degree sex offense on Monday.

According to deputy state’s attorney Sarah Mollett-Gaumer, the girl’s mother looked through the teen’s cellphone, including her Facebook Messenger discussions, to learn about the unsuitable relationship. The girl said that she hadn’t erased the full discussion thread with the man in the app and that she didn’t anticipate her mother checking the teen’s phone on a regular basis.

Brett Thomas Chaney, 35, who resides north of Sharpsburg, had his sentence postponed after Brett’s defense lawyer David Pembroke requested a pre-sentence investigation.

The pre-sentence investigation, according to Judge Andrew F. Wilkinson, will enable him to determine whether he needs to be concerned that Chaney would continue to be a threat. A psychosexual assessment will be a part of the study.

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As part of the plea agreement, further charges, including many ones for sexually soliciting a juvenile and child pornography, would be withdrawn.

According to court documents, Chaney was accused of engaging in sexual activity with the minor from August 1 to September 22 of 2021. The child was 14 or 15 years old at the time, and Chaney was 33.

Chaney entered pleas to two charges related to having sex with the girl when she was only 15 years old.

A two-day trial was slated to begin on Monday.

According to Mollett-Gaumer, the state recommends a 14-year sentence to be served at the Washington County Detention Center, with the exception of 18 months.

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