The Daughter Accused Of Stabbing And Bludgeoning Her Mother To Death In Oak Island Will Stand Trial

In the near future, a lady accused of killing her mother in 2018 will go on trial in Brunswick County Superior Court.

Late in October 2018, Julia Louise Copenhaver, of Springfield, Virginia, was detained and charged with first-degree murder in relation to the death of her mother, Susan Copenhaver, in Oak Island. At the time, Julia Copenhaver was 24 years old.

The murder trial for Julia Copenhaver is presently scheduled for late May, according to Jon David, the district attorney for Brunswick, Bladen, and Columbus counties.

When Oak Island officers checked on a resident’s welfare on the morning of October 25, 2018, they discovered a dead woman inside the house.

Glenn Emery, an associate district attorney for Brunswick County at the time, described the incident’s scene as “fairly gruesome.”

The 63-year-old woman received scores of stab wounds, according to Susan Copenhaver’s autopsy: 35 to the head, 10 to the neck, 18 to the chest, and more than two dozen to her extremities. According to the autopsy, Susan Copenhaver’s body also displayed signs of significant blunt-force trauma, notably to her head.

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The autopsy revealed that Susan Copenhaver’s left leg was amputated below the knee after she passed away.

Copenhaver’s body was discovered wrapped in a quilt in a walk-in closet in the home’s master bedroom, according to the medical examiner’s investigative report. According to the report, a garbage bag containing used paper towels, a tiny fire extinguisher, and clothing was discovered close to the body.

According to the complaint, the bed had been stripped, and the home’s washing machine had blood-stained sheets. Another bag containing a butcher’s knife, a hammer, and a bloodied pair of scissors was discovered close to the master bedroom’s entrance.

According to earlier StarNews stories, Susan Copenhaver was a part-time resident of Oak Island.

Police allegedly found Julia Copenhaver sitting on the couch in the house while they looked for her mother.

Family relatives of the suspect and deceased told 911 dispatchers that Julia Copenhaver was having a “psychotic break” and hadn’t been taking her medication at the time of the murder.

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