A Man Was Fatally Stabbed During A Fight On A Metro Train

Police have reported the death of a man who was allegedly stabbed during a dispute on the Metro A Line on Wednesday afternoon.

Joveon Richardson, a passenger on the A Line who saw the incident take place, said that the fight broke out between 3:15 and 3:45 p.m. while the train was close to Fifth Street.

The individual got into a dispute with a group of three to five other passengers on the train, which progressed to many fights, according to Richardson.

The group members brought out knives and stabbed the victim at least seven times after he managed to fend them off, according to Richardson.

He said, “I told them to stop seven times as they were stabbing him.

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At least three individuals fled as soon as the train’s door opened, according to Florence Austin, 70, who was waiting for the Metro A Line.

Austin claimed that Richardson began yelling for someone to call the police at that point.

She noticed the man bleeding out on the ground as she drew nearer to the train car.

The man was given CPR at the A Line platform before being placed on a trolley and taken to a nearby hospital, where police said he passed away as a result of his wounds.

The Long Beach Police Department didn’t offer any other information regarding the inquiry.

According to a tweet from Metro, there may be a 15-minute delay for A Line passengers due to police activities.

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