Man Accused Of Breaking Into Home Four Days Before Seattle Woman Vanished

According to KOMO News, the man who is being sought in connection with the disappearance of Leticia Martinez-Cosman has been accused of breaking into a house just four days prior to her going missing.

According to recently published court documents, on March 27 at 11:45 p.m., Brett Michael Gitchel was seen on a home security system breaking into a backyard in the 4100 block of 54th Avenue SW in West Seattle.

Prosecutors claimed that as soon as Gitchel entered the backyard, he or she appeared to notice the security camera and immediately left the area, going into a back alley.

Authorities reported that Gitchel returned to the yard with his face covered a short while later. Court documents state that Gitchel looked to be dressed the same during the break-in, including the jacket and cap that matched the outfit Martinez-Cosman wore in the selfie she took four days later.

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Gitchel allegedly began adjusting the security cameras’ fields of vision before choosing to remove them completely, according to the prosecution.

In accordance with court records, the surviving camera managed to get a clean shot of Gitchel, including a clear shot of his face. Gitchel allegedly then ripped the last camera out of its socket, according to the prosecution.

Prosecutors contend that after that, Gitchel attempted to enter the house through the back door but found it locked. They claimed Gitchel also took a $380 backpack blower and a clock that was hanging outside a garden shed. Gitchel also allegedly stole a set of shears and made an effort to break open a rear shed, according to court filings.

The owner of the house later found his missing cameras at a nearby property, according to the prosecution’s report. The homeowner was able to remount them, and they looked to be intact.

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