A Pizza Delivery Man Trips A Fleeing Suspect

After being seen on camera tripping a suspect who was being pursued by police outside a house on Sunday afternoon in Pennsylvania, the pizza delivery guy delivered more than just a pie.

Around 3 p.m., Tyler Morrell, a Cocco’s Pizza Aston delivery driver, received the police enforcement assistance while delivering a pizza order to a Brookhaven residence.

In a post that included video of the interaction, the Brookhaven Police Department remarked, “Thank you sir for the assist!!!” We’re always seeking for good people, so please apply if you’re interested.

The owner posted a clip from a Ring doorbell camera that showed Morrell’s bravery.

According to the footage, Morrell is about to deliver the package to the homeowner when he notices police vehicles pursuing a dark-colored automobile that is cruising across the street on a grass.

Morrell can see the suspect leaping out of the car and sprinting across the street toward him as he moves along the sidewalk to get a closer look.

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The pizza delivery guy is seen in the video taking a few steps back toward the house before lunging forward and extending his foot to trip the runaway suspect. He does this while still holding the pizza order.

After being seen to collapse to the ground, the culprit is immediately apprehended by police.

According to Morrell, who spoke to FOX29 Philadelphia, he was unable to think and instead relied solely on his gut feeling.

Sincerity be told, all I actually considered doing was entering the fray. I was taught to intervene if you notice something amiss. So I just wanted to do my part,” Morrell added, adding that as he helped the police, he did his best to “keep the cheese from sliding” on the pizza.

The pizza, according to Morrell’s joke, “was completely unharmed and enjoyed” by the owner.

On Facebook, Cocco’s also stated that despite his bravery, Morrell “still delivered the food unharmed.”

Police did not immediately provide any details regarding the subject or the reason they were pursuing him.

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