In North Carolina, A Bear Entered A Man’s Backyard, And A Camera Captured The Exact Instant They Noticed Each Other

In Asheville, North Carolina, David Oppenheimer was relaxing in his backyard when a black bear unexpectedly walked in and startled him.

The moment a man and an animal saw one another is captured on camera; both were equally startled.

On Tuesday, Oppenheimer first became aware of the intruder when his motion detector went off, but when he turned around to take a look, he didn’t see anything, he told CNN.

However, the bear arrived shortly after and was literally in front of him, the man said CNN.

He told Insider that he became concerned when the bear “kept looking” at him.

The video shows Oppenheimer looking the bear in the eye while grasping a pillow on his chair out of anxiety.

“I was holding on to that pillow and thought if it came at me I would stuff the pillow in its mouth,” he said, according to Insider.

He told USA Today that although being so close to the bear “made it a little awkward,” the animal just appeared “puzzled” by the circumstances.

After the confrontation, the bear escaped. According to USA Today, Oppenheimer said he’s considering mounting a rearview mirror to his chair to thwart any potential sneak attacks in the future.

The bear had previously visited Oppenheimer’s property in Asheville, which is located in the Blue Ridge Mountains. According to CNN, it once grabbed a few bites from a “bear-proof” bird feeder in his home.

He revealed to Insider that “the bears occasionally take naps under the dogwood tree in my backyard.”

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According to Oppenheimer, the area is not unfamiliar with black bears. They “are accustomed to people and frequently interact with them, particularly dog walkers.”

Oppenheimer is a bear photographer who offers prints of his images for sale.

Oppenheimer told Insider, “I think it’s more of a funny situation than something to worry about.” “I have watched many generations of cubs grow up here, and they are familiar with me and the place.”

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