A Texas Man Was Abducted By A Cartel After Boasting About Stealing $50,000 From Them

After boasting about stealing $50,000 from a Mexican drug gang, a guy was abducted by them from his Texas home two hours later.

According to court filings, Erik Taddeo Ramrez from Laredo, Texas, was allegedly abducted by members of the Cartel del Noreste—a significant criminal organization—and transferred to Mexico, where he is still missing.

A group of guys who were allegedly members of the Cartel del Noreste arrived at this home in a blue pick-up truck in the Texas border city of Laredo just after midnight on March 24 to commit the kidnapping.

Ramirez was taken hostage by the men, who attacked the home with firearms and masks. They then proceeded to the port of entry where they entered Mexico at Nuevo Laredo. Ramirez attempted to flee before the crossing but was unsuccessful, according to the official complaint.

The blue Dodge Ram four-door pickup vehicle was moving when a man with blood on his face opened the front passenger door in distress, according to the video recording from the (security cameras).

According to court filings, the individual was being pushed back into the blue Dodge Ram four door pick-up truck by force when officers at the bridge noticed him trying to get out.

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When some time had passed, Ramrez’s sister and girlfriend contacted the police to report the kidnapping. The police were informed by witnesses that on the evening of March 24, Ramrez spoke on the phone with an unidentified woman and boasted about having taken $50,000 from the Cartel del Noreste.

Ramirez allegedly informed the caller that he was in Laredo and that he was safe and secure because he was in the United States.

A few days later, on March 27, U.S. authorities detained Jonathan Cavriales at the same port of entry linking Nuevo Laredo, Mexico, and Laredo, Texas, as Cavriales attempted to re-enter the country while driving the same pick-up truck used to kidnap Ramrez, according to official documents. Cavriales is alleged to be a member of the Cartel del Noreste.

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