After Caring For A Rock In Missouri, A Bald Eagle Becomes The Proud Foster Father To An Eaglet Chick

Finally, a bald eagle at a refuge in Missouri is a proud parent of an eaglet chick. After he tried to incubate a rock, Murphy, who is taken care of at the World Bird Sanctuary in Valley Park, was given the opportunity to foster a young eagle.

Murphy found a rock in his enclosure in early March, and took to it right away, according to Dawn Griffard, CEO of the World Bird Sanctuary, who spoke with Fox News Digital for the interview.

About 30 years ago, Murphy was taken into the sanctuary’s care after sustaining numerous wounds while living in the wild.

Since then, Murphy has earned the title of “favorite” among visitors to the refuge. Murphy currently shares a brand-new aviary with four elderly bald eagles.

The 31-year-old bird started a new endeavor after being observed guarding a particular region of his enclosure and being “very fussy” when other people approached it, according to Griffard. To construct a nest around what was later determined to be a rock, Murphy had brought sticks over to the location.

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“It was an average rock,” she replied. “It didn’t even look like an egg, but he insisted on incubating it.”

The sanctuary informed guests that Murphy was not hurt but was instead tending to a rock over the following three weeks.

Social media users shared the sanctuary’s announcement widely.

In the spring, when hormones are “running high,” it is not unusual for bald eagles, even males, to look for items to incubate, according to Griffard.

“It’s not unusual for a male bald eagle to do this because, in the wild, the male and the female take care of the nest and the eaglets equally,” the woman stated.

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