Alicia Navarro, A Missing Teen From Glendale, Was Reunited With Her Family After 4 Years

Alicia Navarro, a missing teenage girl from Glendale, has been found after going missing four years ago in a small Montana hamlet, according to police.

The former Arizona resident has been reunited with family, according to public information officer Jose Santiago, who spoke during a press conference hosted by the Glendale Police Department. According to officials, Alicia visited a nearby police station on her own and introduced herself as the missing adolescent girl.

The Navarro family assisted Glendale police in confirming the young woman’s identity as soon as they learned that she identified herself as Navarro. They also conducted multiple interviews.

“I can’t even begin to tell you how proud I am of the men and women who work at our police force. Since her discovery, our staff members here have been working nonstop around the clock to ensure that Alicia has whatever she might require in addition to bringing closure to this family,” Santiago added.

For us, Alicia, her family, and the community, her reappearance has resulted in a great deal of comfort and happiness, according to the police.

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Glendale Police will keep looking into the circumstances surrounding her abduction and reappearance. She first fled her home, according to authorities, so it is still unknown where she was or who she was with.

“Alicia seems to be in a pleasant mood from all appearances. She merely wants to continue living her life. She sincerely regrets what she has caused her mother to go through. She also recognizes that she unintentionally caused her mother a lot of pain, but she still hopes that they can repair their connection,” said Santiago.

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