DoorDash Driver Kidnapped And Raped By Creep Who Opened Fire On Family Members Who Came To Her Aid

According to the Florida police, a DoorDash driver was kidnapped and raped in the state of Florida by a pervert who then opened fire on her family when they came to rescue her.

According to the Tampa police department, Joseph Killins, 38, was taken into custody on Saturday in connection to the horrific event that occurred on April 18 involving the female delivery worker.

Killins is accused of holding the driver, who is in her 20s, at gunpoint about 11 p.m. and forced her drive to an apartment at the Belara Lakes Apartment complex, where he reportedly raped her, according to the police. The apartment complex is located in the city of Belara.

The victim’s family verified the position of her cellphone while she was in the apartment, and they immediately went to offer assistance. It is not known how the relatives became aware that she was in danger.

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“The victim’s family, who had been monitoring her location via her phone, came just in time to save her from the vehicle. According to the authorities, Killins retaliated by firing multiple times after being shot.

A family member of the victim’s girlfriend, a young woman in her 20s, was struck by one of the rounds that were fired.

Killins escaped the area after discharging multiple rounds of his weapon.

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