During A Police Chase In A Stolen Car In California, A 13-year-old Driver Crashes, Killing One Person And Injuring Over A Dozen Others

Authorities in California said that a 13-year-old boy slammed into two other vehicles while leading police on a chase in a stolen vehicle. As a result of the collisions, one person was killed and almost a dozen others were injured.

On Saturday afternoon, an officer with the Woodland Police Department reportedly witnessed a vehicle being driven in an erratic manner, as stated in a press statement issued by the agency. Woodland may be found around 24 kilometers (about 15 miles) to the north of Sacramento.

According to Woodland police, an officer made an effort to pull the vehicle over, and after that, a pursuit ensued. The car then collided with two other vehicles, which led to the ignition of both of the other vehicles.

According to the announcement, there was one individual who passed away and “almost a dozen” persons who were hurt in the incident. Four ambulances were requested to be sent to the location. On Saturday evening, it was still unclear how severe their wounds were until further examination.

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The driver of the vehicle that was involved in the pursuit turned out to be a child who was just 13 years old and who was driving an automobile that had been stolen.

According to the authorities, an investigation into what caused the collision is currently underway by the California Highway Patrol.

CNN has contacted the Woodland police department in an effort to obtain further information.

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