Ex-husband Of The Woman Accused Of Killing Her Boyfriend Tells The Story

An accused murderer’s ex-husband in Clayton County is telling his side of the tale. Shawn Jackson’s lover, Newoker Hurt, is in jail on suspicion of killing him with a gun. She served time for shooting her ex-husband 20 years ago, according to her ex-husband.

He recently spoke WSB Tonight with Candace McCowan of Channel 2.

There were enjoyable periods in Charlie Newhart’s marriage to Newoker Hurt, he claimed. But they also had difficulties.

While we were married, she had a child by someone else, said Newhart.

But 20 years ago this month, their relationship came to a head. An disagreement with Hurt almost resulted in death when Newhart said that.

According to Newhart, “She pointed the gun at me and shot me in the forearm, the bullet passing through my arm and grazing my son’s forehead.” “When I turned to face her with the gun pointed at me, I thought, ‘Oh God, I’m about to leave.'” When she pulled the trigger, nothing happened.

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Hurt was accused of assault with the intent to kill someone in 2003, according to court documents in Wayne County, Michigan. According to Newhart, Hurt was imprisoned for three years.

2019 saw the disappearance of Hurt’s boyfriend Shawn Jackson in Jonesboro, and Newhart wasn’t surprised.

After learning that her boyfriend, Shawn Jackson, was cheating, Hurt allegedly shot and killed him in 2019 while he was asleep, according to Clayton County Police.

Investigators were notified after she reported him missing, and weeks later his death was discovered in an Alabama shallow grave. After three and a half years had passed since Jackson vanished, detectives only recently accused Hurt of killing him.

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