In An Argument Over Tipping, A Woman Broke A Drink Glass Over A Friend’s Head

After arguing about tipping a waiter at a bottomless brunch, an intoxicated mother shattered a drink glass over her friend’s head, a court heard.

At the all-you-can-drink party, Lydia Bysouth was enjoying her birthday with a group of pals when a dispute over tipping their waiter with Holly Shury broke out.

The two started arguing about tipping the waitress as the table settled the bill. Shury, who was hesitant to pay the extra, said that it was “her f—— job.”

The argument continued at another bar after the group left Revolution in Bournemouth, Dorset.

According to testimony given in court, Shury, a mother of two, punched Miss Bysouth in the head after accusing her of suffering from “only child syndrome.”

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After moving on, the group of pals begged Shury to leave them alone.

She nevertheless accompanied them to the Aruba bar for additional drinks.

Shury shattered a cocktail glass over the victim’s head after demanding that Miss Bysouth accept her remorse for what had occurred.

The defendant departed the establishment, leaving Miss Bysouth with blood all over her face. Security personnel took care of her as she was being transported to the hospital, where she had to have a laceration above her eye sutured.

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